The squad:
Kelsey: 14, brown hair, hazel eyes. Most common alias: Miranda
Sereena: 10 (but short), brown hair, hazel eyes. MCA: Ellizabeth
Mina: 18, Matt's twin, brown hair, hazel eyes. MCA: Sarah
Matt: 18, Mina's twin, brown hair, hazel eyes. MCA: Camron
Josh: 16, brown hair, hazel eyes. MCA: Connor
Jenna: 12, brown hair, hazel eyes. MCA: Madison

Chapter 1

Ditto with chapter titles. Kelsey POV

My name is... Well, I have lots of names. Miranda. Myah. Lily. Lauren. Rebbecca. Sarah. Kyla. Ayla. But, I think the one you're looking for is my real name, Kelsey. Why so many names, you ask? That's easy. I'm one of the hidden. The unnoticeable. The unnamed. Why? Well, the government takes some of us that no one would miss, and uses us as spys. Who would think that a fourteen-year-old girl can shoot both guns and arrows, throw knives and spears, know fourty-three ways to kill you with her bare hands at any moment, and is following you at this very moment? Exactly. No one. And that is why, at this very minute, me and five of my fellow spys are on a training mission at the tidepools. Our goal is to follow an adult spy, who has no idea why he's here, around the beach for three hours. It's been an hour and a half. I'm bored out of my mind.
"SISSY!" That would be my "sister", Sereena. Or, as she's known on this mission, Leah, to match my alias, Lindi, and Mina's, Lauren. We look enough alike to pass as sisters. And so we do.
"What, Leah?"
"I Fell in!"
"Coming!" I say, navigating the seaweed over to Sereena. I pull her out and help her over to the shore. She's either crying, or a really good actress. I'm going with the second option. She's tough, but knows her cover.
"What's wrong?"
"Get Mina. I see twelve, weapons. Other side," she whispers.
"Laur! Leah fell in! I think it's time to go!" I pick up Sereena and head toward Mina.
"I WANT TO GO HOME!" Sereena screeches, sticking with her cover effortlessly.
"You ok, sis?" At 18, Mina's been in the program the longest. She pulls out her phone, and calls Matt and Josh, who are waiting in the car, most likely rocking out to MCR. "Leah fell in, and I think it's time to go. pause Yes, now. pause I know." She hangs up. "Well, we better get going. Camron and Conner are waiting, and they have Madison with them." We head up the steep path, Mina in the lead, me following with Sereena. I mentally recite our cover story:
Leah, Lauren, Connor, Camron, Madison, and I (Lindi), are siblings. Our parents died in a car crash last year. Lauren and Camron had just turned 18 and decided to take care the minors. We move a lot. Leah is 9. Lauren and Camron are twins. They're 19. Connor's 16. Madison is 12. I'm 14. Our ages were adjusted for height. We're now exactly average height, instead of tall or short. We're at the coast to celebrate Connor's birthday, which was yesterday. We live in Corvallis, OR, about an hour east of here. Lauren wanted to go tidepooling, so here we are. Leah fell in, so we're leaving. Must be nice, leaving the beach because your sister fell in, not because she saw twelve armed men. Of course, if my life had taken the more normal, non-government-interfered course, I'd be dead. I think I like this better. I can stand up for kids like I was. Save them. Like they saved me. I was saved. I have a second chance at life. I'm not taking it for granted.

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