Is it too much to want to be understood? (BXB)

Chapter 1


He was born Mute. He wasn't able to speak his mind or show his feelings. No matter how bad he wanted to he just couldn't get them out. It hurt him. It made him bleed inside.
It made his heart ache. He just wanted a boy. A boy to love. A boy to understand. A boy to share his thoughts with. He just wanted a voice. A voice to speak his mind. A voice to say those three words people love to hear. "I love you." He wanted to be able to say those. No matter how he struggled nothing ever came out. He would sit in his room and cry, he would cry sometimes for hours, sometimes for minutes, sometimes even for days.

On the other hand. He was the boy that would save him. He was the boy that would make it all better. Although he didn't know it yet.

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