REPOST!!!!!!!! :P

Chapter 1

Yepp Yepp! :P

See how many you fit!!

(Bold the things that apply to you)


1.You have 120+ friends

2.you get immensley excited when you get a comment notification

3.You have converted atleast 2 of your friends to Qubblio-ism

4.You have a quiz/story with 75+ (reads? I think)

5.Quibblo is to you as facebook is to others (i mean with stat updates ya but i also hav a fb)

6.You are sad when your quiz/story has been up for a day and no one has commented

7.You talk about quibblo all the time

8.Quibblo is one of the websites you visit most

9.You have a new profile theme every month (pretty much ya XD)

10.You have 50+ comments on your profile

11.You will take any quiz, no matter the subject and you always comment.

12.You reguarly send friend requests to any one even remotely like you (maybe not regularly but if i c someone remotely like me BANG friend request XD)

13.Your profile pic is either of you or and anime version of you

14.You have a fake name that you tell people is your real name

15.You have created 100+ quizzes/stories

16.You create quizzes/stories about the most remote things

17.You have told people your deleating, just to see how many people beg you not to

18. 20+ people begged you not to (the time i actually almost did delete i think so)

19.You refer to people on here as 'Quibblonians' or 'Qibbs' (i call the ppl quibblonians and the site Quibbz)

20.You read this just to see how many you matched up with

21.You will repost this because you're bored

Total: 16


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