My Friendies♥

Chapter 1

Jacey-Boo c:

When we met, it was magic, you are amazing and perfect and i just love you so much. My boobear You have been the best boyfriend i have ever have and i hope we are together for a long time (: Words can't even describe how Pretty you are!! I love you(: I say it so much because I never want you to forget it. You are the sweetest, most amazing, most caring person. I love everything about you. How Did I manage to get you as my boyfriend? I don't even know! You are too good for me! I know what you would say. " that's not true" but it is baby. I'm just a no good punk kid and your just.. You leave me speechless. No one has ever treated me this nice. I'm really falling for you. Again, I love you jacey-boo c: :3 You are the most understanding, amazing perfect person i have ever met. The more I talk to you and know you, the more i love you. Dear Jace. This is all about you. Because well..You are my life. I love you. You are not my boyfriend. You are not my lover. You are my husband, I love you so very very much♥ You are lovely and perfect. Amazing and beautiful. If I had to climb a million mountains, If I had to swim a million seas, If I had to walk a million miles just for you to love me, Guess what, I would.♥ I felt like I needed to add more to this. Jace. You make my heart race. Every time I look at you it's like the first time. You put a smile on my face. You put tears of joy in my eyes. You keep me happy. You keep me alive. You keep me from being alone. I love you. I love you more than life itself.

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