Gray Zone [A Star Wars Fanfiction]

Gray Zone [A Star Wars Fanfiction]

Chapter 3


Aldir strode into the room, having been behind Cooku. His eyes swept the room, glazing over Windu's face before his eyes landed on the Apprentice, and he sneers. Something stirred in his memories, but the frustration that he couldn't figure out why he remembered her only fueled his anger. He lifts his saber, both of his hands on hilt.

Aldir strode towards the Apprentice, his blade lifted a few inches from his face. The heat was searing, but he loved the pleasurable pain it brought. His eyes flicker to the Master, thinking it would be easier to kill the old man. But then he rethinks that, knowing his own Master would lop off his hands for such foolishness. Aldir gives Windu one last hateful look before looking upon the girl, and he sneers.

Aldir then ran full force towards the girl, feinting and nearly cutting her leg, but she manages to block. The angle she blocked in was an odd one, giving Aldir full access to the rest of her body and he twists around, twisting her blade in her hands while doing so, and swings towards her head. The girl blocked once again, biting on her lower lip to keep concentration.

Aldir took this advantage and kicked her in the gut, throwing her backwards.

"The Jedi are evil, boy. Remember what they did to your siblings? Rainee and Miri wouldn't appreciate you going soft now." Dooku's voice echoed in Aldir's mind, Aldir calling forth the memory of his first training session.

The room was dark, as Aldir needed to become one with his senses. Aldir's ears were better than most human's, so therefore he was able to pick up the smallest of sounds. From the West, a cloak was billowing, and to the East, a saber was glowing. His Master had a blindfold over his eyes, so he could see nothing, light or no light. Only his ears were to his advantage. A saber sliced through the air besides his ear and Aldir rolls away, his blade in his hands and takes a swing, hearing a cry of pain, sharp and clear through the brisk air. Something wet landed on his cheeks, something wet, hot and sticky.

The girl stood up shakily, her pale cheeks tinged with slight red from the exertion of blocking the blows. Aldir swung again and the girl dodged, but her arm was singed from the red blade. Aldir hesitated for a moment, this being the first time he's actually hurt a human.

Aldir let out his own cry of pain when something sliced across his face. His left hand shot to his face, feeling wet, hot and sticky stuff on his fingers. The same mesh on his shoes, he realized. And with anger and pain both he swung and killed the creature that had sliced him. The creatures torso landed on the young boy's feet. The blindfold was peeled away by cold, withered hands. Aldir stared down at the dead body of a girl in twenties, thinking she looked oddly familiar. Aldir turned away to face his master, not realized that it was his sister Rainee dead at his feet.

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