Gray Zone [A Star Wars Fanfiction]

Gray Zone [A Star Wars Fanfiction]

Chapter 2

Celisse Celine {By Babykaygrl}

"Celisse! Celisse! Will you play with us?" Asked a little girl from the side of a street as she played with two other girls.

Celisse looked over and smiled softly, "not today girls, I have my duty as a Jedi apprentice to tend to."

"Ah, okay," the small girl sighed and then returned to playing with her friends. Celisse smiled, it had been many years since she was that young and playing with the other kids and creatures of Endor.

Celisse walked through the city, a slight chill was in the air, but didn't matter to her. Her mind was occupied with the curiousity as to what was so important that Windu had summoned her during her private training time. It must be very dire. Celisse shrugged the thought off, he would tell her when the time was right.

She stepped into the building and up to the room Windu had asked her to come to. As she stepped in, the Jedi Master stared out the window.

"Thank you for joining me," Windu says, never glancing to her. She bowed before walking over and stopping by his side.

"Of course Master Windu," she says in her quiet voice.

"We must be prepared," he tells her, "I'm sorrowed to tell you that we should be expecting a... visit from Lord Dooku."

"What would he want with Coruscant?" Celisse asks.

"The reason we're here in Coruscant was because I have been protecting a package," Windu says, "it's very important Dooku doesn't find it. Do you understand?"

"Of course," she replies.

"So I can count on you to keep it safe?"


"Good. Keep it on your being at all times. Don't let any one see it, know of it, or touch it," he tells his young apprentice as he hands her a small envelope. What could possibly be so important that it could fit in a small envelope? Celisse took it and didn't ask her question aloud, having complete faith her master would tell her if it were necessary. But he said nothing more and she figured it was best she didn't know.

They stood in silence when Windu looked over his shoulder.

"We have company... Sooner than I had expected," he mutters, "go. Hide."

"But, what about you?" Celisse asks.

"What have I said about questioning me? Now go!" He tells her. She nods and puts the hood of her cloak on as she is about to leave, the door bursts open.

"Going somewhere?" Dooku smiles to Celisse who backs away, returning to Windu's side.

"Where is it, Windu? I know it's here," the Sith Lord says.

"Oh, yeah I just put it in the desk and all you gotta... Are you crazy? What makes you think I'm going to tell you?" Windu says.

"Don't make this harder than it needs to be," Dooku says and steps closer, but just as quickly Celisse has her lightsaber out, it shone a almost silvery blue. The Sith Lord looks amused. "Is this your apprentice? Not so fearsome, yes?" Celisse bit back a growl at being underminded for being a girl, "I have one too! Come in here boy," and within a second a boy in his late teens walks in, his face hidden beneath his hood. Something about him made her body stiffen.

"Take care of the girl," Dooku says with a wave of his hand. The boy takes his red lightsaber out and focuses on her as his target. Celisse shakes off the eery feeling of recognition and prepares to fight him.

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