what would my characters think of you?

Here they are :)))))

Chapter 1


by: nyan_sama
Tyler- she has my favorite eye color :D and she's really nice to me but she thinks I can be too hyper.... she shot me with a tranquilizer to stop me and Will from fighting ..

Will- she LIKES me ;) (me: stop gloating Will and continue talking) fine well she has pretty good taste in music and color but she kicked me when I kissed her :( that made me sad but she saved me so it made me feel better :)

Kevin- she has the perfect hair and she likes me....... as a dragon and she told me she could protect herself but the guys and their touchy feelieness >:(

Luke- she likes my favorite band BVB and genre and I now pronounce us swimming buddies :D we swim together all the time she's great

Zein- she likes my cake everyones still banned though x_x (me: don't be selffish .
.) Fine she can have some because she's nice to me :P

Seth: she hates me DX and she tried to shoot me with a tranqilizer gun what is that her go to weapon >.>

Pheobe- BLAH no comment >.>

Ok so in conclusion Tyler thinks your really nice and a friend, Will likes you, Kevin wants to protect you, Luke is your swimming buddie/best friend, Zein unbanned you from cake so he likes you X3, Josh is upset with. You and Pheobe hates you.

Hope you liked your results :)

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