Red Scars Run Deep

This is my original story that I've been working on for ages. If you read this, please comment please please please with a cherry on top?! Thanks!

Chapter 2

Not a Good Morning

I lie in my bed, enjoying the few moments of blissful peace I have to myself before the day begins. Having the bed beside the window means that the light wakes me up slightly early. I often wish for a different bed as I get really tired during the day, but then again, everyone does. We're meant to get tired, because if you're tired, you can't be bad.
Suddenly, the alarms start to blare, signalling the beginning of the day. They are, of course, not normal alarms, but the sound of recorded screams. They cut into your ears, but are used to remind us of the pain of our scars - like we'd ever forget. Still, you get used to the sound of screams.
The other girls in the bunks around me are now waking up. Some are sleepy and unwilling, but others spring out of bed, happy to awake from a nightmare-filled slumber.
"Good morning, Scarlet," says my best friend Kerri, in a sombre voice. She had the bunk below me, and has been there her whole life. In my opinion, Kerri is proof that the whole Bornbad thing doesn't work; she is the sweetest, nicest girl you'd ever meet. Strangely, though, she looks depressed today.
"What's the problem?" I hiss, climbing down from my top bunk and pulling out clothes from my thin, half-empty wardrobe.
"Today is Pamela's eighteenth," Kerri whispered, looking over at a tall, slender girl who was the head of our dormitory. I bit my lip, realising that this morning might well be Pamela's last. I didn't really like the girl - she was so bossy - but it would be sad if she died after getting her Vertical. Already, she looked half-dead with dread and fear.
"Breakfast!" yelled a matron from the corridor outside our dormitory, and all twelve of my room-mates hurried to get dressed in their red overalls. We had to wear the overalls the whole time, except when we slept, and they were fiercely uncomfortable.
"Ready to go?" said Pamela in a choked-up voice once we were done. Instantly, Kerri wrapped her in a hug.
"Yes, thanks," Kerri said warmly, and soon Pamela was being bombarded with hugs from all our room-mates. Some people were even crying - slightly unnecessary, in my opinion - but it made sense. After breakfast, Pamela would be taken off. There was a fifty-fifty chance that she'd die.

The day, as usual, was long and difficult, especially because of Pamela. There are over 2,000 people in this Bornbad prison, so you can't allow yourself to be sad for everyone, but Pamela was in my dorm so I knew I'd miss her a lot. Kerri cried during lunch, but I never cry. It's a sign of weakness, I think, although Kerri says that being in touch with your emotions is a good thing. I disagree; the only emotion I truly feel is pain, so I might as well try to ignore it.
Our work today was relatively easy, just woodcutting for the day. It's hard work physically, but gives some mental relief, hacking away at wood with a saw. A little girl chopped her finger off nearby me. She was probably too young to even have her first scar, and her screams showed that she was unused to that level of pain. Not pleasant.
I like work outside, though, in the forest that surrounds the prison. Even though their are high, jagged, dangerous walls everywhere, I close my eyes sometimes and imagine I am free, just a normal person walking through the forest. But I couldn't close my eyes for two long, or the High Warden would see me and whip me in punishment. And take my word for it, you don't want to be whipped.

That night, I returned to my room hungry and tired. All traces of Pamela had been removed, even her bed. We stood around the empty space where it had once been, she she had once slept. "Would you say she survived?" whispers my youngest dorm-mate, Erin, aged only four.
"I would," I say truthfully, as Kerri picks up the little girl and gives her a hug. "She was cured, I'm sure of it. She was good, wasn't she, and good people don't die."
Everyone nods, hoping it's true. I realise with some surprise that I am now the eldest in the dormitory, even though I'm only sixteen. This means that I will have to become dormitory captain, and sleep where Pamela slept, in the captain's bed, the only one that isn't a bunk. I groan inwardly; I am not the leader type person.
But sure enough, when I return from a supper of protein pills and water, a new bed is in the room with my name pinned onto it. It is right against the black stone wall, close to the metal door. I am now Dormitory Captain Scarlet.
Sighing, I lay down on the bed as everyone else does the same. We are tired, after a draining day. My new bed is in a bad position, I realise, and I will not have the sun anymore. Twisting around, I intend on talking to Kerri, but then I noticed something. There is a message engraved on the wall beside my bed. Holding my breath, I read it.
Tyrone Jr was here
That's it. Four words. But these words, although I do not know it, will change my life.

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