How I feel (a poem)

This is how I feel. Mainly last night.

If you don't like sad stuff, then don't read this.

Ⓒ cstar11

Chapter 1

How I feel

by: Carrie_
I feel so alone.
My voice all monotone.
I don't have energy to do anything.
Not even my favorite things.
I cry myself to sleep.
And wake up with cuts, oh so deep.
Not on my wrists but my heart and head.
I wished I could forever lay in my bed.
The song, "The Lonely" is on replay.
I wish I could say.
The things on my mind.
The things I felt.
But I can't.
The only way for me to speak is with a pencil and paper.
What I say to you,
is all very true.
I mean every word I say.
I want to be free.
Like a bird.
Like a cloud.
Every tissue I used, held a million tears.
Tears that held my pain.
After all these years, months, days, it all came out today.
I have depression.
A hard confession.
I hardly smile anymore.
I feel lost and empty.
So does my body and mind.
Peace and serenity is all I want to find.
Don't feel sorry for me.
I hope it will soon end.
And let me see again.
I awoke from my sleep just to write this.
I didn't want to forget.
With the tears I cry,
I say goodbye.
I wanted you to know,
I tried.


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