Choose to Believe~ A love story

Patty Curtis doesn't believe in love. When her parents split when she was seven, she stopped believing in everything made up. In her case, those were things like Santa and fairies, but mostly, love. Now, 10 years later, she is being forced to spend time with her non-contacted father and her year younger sister who both live in Florida. To make life worse, she meets a cute stranger on the beach that wants to show her what love can be like. Can Patty learn how to love without becoming heartbroken?

Chapter 1


Patricia "Patty-Cake" Curtis

I swallow the automatic gag reflex and turn away from the sign. Maybe I should turn back now. I can always use up all my savings on a ticket back. However, with my luck, mom would most-likely resend me back here. It's probably best to get it out and over with now.

My eyes set on the sign again and I wince. I haven't been called Patricia or Patty-Cake since Dad left us for his 20-year old intern. I look at the man holding the poster. His face is still as I remembered, except with more wrinkles. His hair has turned gray, but it's no doubt he is my dad.

The girl beside him is my optimistic sister, Lisa. At least she has been keeping in touch. Not that I responded to any of her calls or cards or emails. I haven't even accepted her friend request on Facebook. But I know from her appearance that she is one of those ditzy, but beautiful, blondes who are spoiled rich. She is model thin and tall with flawless dirty blond hair. Her almond shaped eyes are completely symmetrical and her grey blue eyes make her appear mysterious. With the touch of make-up that she added, she can only be described as drop-dead beautiful. And I am the drop-dead part if anyone ever compares us.

I search through my bag and find a scarf and sunglasses. I put the sunglasses on and wrap the scarf around my head. There is no way I am going to walk there looking like myself and lose all my dignity by responding to the sign. That's social suicide, even if no one knows me here.

Once I finish tying the scarf, I walk over to them. When I stop in front of them, my dad looks at me curiously.


"Don't call me that. I go by Patty now. Just Patty." I see Lisa squeal for joy and wrap her arms around my neck.

"Patty!!! I can't believe you are here! We have so much to talk about!" I cover the ear that she is shouting in.

"Calm down. You won't be able to tell me anything if I become deaf."

"Patty-Ca---. I mean Patty, why are you wearing sunglasses indoors? You are covering up your gorgeous sky blue eyes. And what is that scarf on your head? Have you become Muslim, because your mom and I raised you as a Roman Catholic. Or is that a new fashion statement?"

"It's neither," I say, trying to say as little as possible.

"Then take it of, sweetheart." I steal the sign from his hands and rip it into two. I hand it back to him and reluctantly take of the sunglasses and scarf, revealing my light blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. Some might desribe it as "pretty", but I think it makes me look like a ghost. Even if ghosts aren't real.

My dad is struck in awe. I'm about to think it's because of my attitude problem, but he speaks. "You have grown so much, honey." I feel my sister hook her arm with mine, but I ignore her and explode on my dad.

"Don't 'honey' and 'sweetheart' me. You haven't tried to stay in my life for 10 years now. You have no right to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. You are a complete stranger to me and the only thing that we have in common is half your blood and your last name. Stop finally starting to be a dad and just take me to your house." I finish my speech and look at both of them. My sister's eyes fills with regret, but my dad's eyes fill with something deeper and stronger than that.

"I don't know what else to do, but try to gain those 10 years back now. Just tell me what I can do to help and I will try to help." I feel a bit of concern for being so harsh, but I don't let it show. He's left for ten years and he doesn't deserve my forgiveness for ditching us.

"Just help me get my luggage," I murmer, walking away and towards customs with Lisa on my tail.

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