A Mage's Love Story

This is the love story of Fahn, a powerful and experienced wizard at seventeen

Chapter 1

Welcome Guests(Prologue)

AGH! RASPUTIN'S BEARD! Oh, sorry, I get startled easily. My name is Fahn, and this is my talking owl familiar Diogenes-watch it, he has an attitude problem..
"Hey! Who you callin' an attitude problem?!"
You see what I mean? I can barely properly introduce myself and tell you my story without Diogenes opening his beak and saying something completely ignorant-Oh Dear! My books are literally floating around the room again! I am what others may call, "magicians,sages,wise ones,wizards, sorcerers,enchanters" and the like.
Simply put, I'm very powerful and experienced with magic-but not black magic, I don't ever mess with that. I'm also a teenage boy with a secret love...
"Quit yakking on and get to the story already Blabbermouth!"
"All right"
Oh, please, sit down. You're all welcome-Quit staring, you're being creepy! Sorry about the leering suit of armor- that was my first spell, and yes it went horribly wrong. Sit down and I'll tell you everything....

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