You'll never treat yourself right, darlin [1D] (FINISHED)

Right this idea has been nagging at me for a while and i can not concentrate at school with it on my mind so i had to write it.
I am Ali a thirteen year old girl my birthday os March the 24th so i will be 14 soon so i know it is weird having such a big age difference for a story but bear with me. This ill be my life but with One direction added in and for privacy or whatever i have changed all real people's names other then celebrities!
I hope you like it!

Chapter 1


I was on my iPad in bed updating my latest chapter to my One Direction fan fiction 'BriLiam my brother and my loves'. As i clicked send invites to all friends I glanced down at the cracked screen on my iPad and traced it with my fingers in deep thought praying for someone to comment on my story or someone to send me an invite to a One Direction story preferably on e i have been reading and enjoy like 'Glitter and Glamour' by RueandMadge. She is a great writer and so our many other of my friends i just mentioned her because with have funny talks about random stuff.
I clicked on to twitter and looked for any tweets from one direction. Damn my one direction infection!
I saw that Liam had posted @Real_Liam_Payne: loving fan fictions about me and the boys found one that is particularly amazing where the girl is my little sister i smiled but was embarrassed that they actually read them. But i knew that they would just be on tumbler they probably wouldn't go on Quibblo so I should be safe from the thought of any of them reading about my obsession with them or Cherries!
As i favourited the post I got an email notification on my iPad. As i only use this email for Quibblo i knew it meant i got a message whether it be a comment or a invite, a message or and friend request. I clicked on my inbox to find i had a friend request and a message.
Naturally i accepted the friend request first as whenever i get one i accept unless i accidentally delete it when my inbox is over flowing.
Then i clicked on the message it was from the same person that sent me a friend request. I opened it curiously i hardly ever get messages because i never start them off. It read Hey Abs_Girl i just read your love story 'BriLiam' and i love it! Most straight boys don't read these sorts of things but as it is about me and my friends that changes things! Please write more from Liam Payne.
I laughed and hit reply hey person, i don't believe you are Liam Payne i doubt he uses Quibblo the only place i have heard him talk about seeing fan fictions on is tumbler. I know this is just some wind up because he just updated his twitter. From Abs_Girl!!!
I hit send i shook my head at the nonsense but i was in the mood to write more all of a sudden so i clocked onto my story and clicked 'write another chapter' i began to write about what a jerk Madison really was and show her insanity. (To understand read my story) i wrote about Louis, Harry, Zayn and Niall's hidden love for Liam's little sister he was over protective of. I began to feel like i could connect to Charlie. She was based around my personality but i had never been in these situations and I never would. I don't dream about meeting One Direction because the possibility is so small i dream about having my first boyfriend and becoming a writer. I know it is lame being almost fourteen and not ever having a boyfriend but i have never been asked out. I know it is weird that i write all these soppy romances but i am a closet soppy romantic. As far as i know none of my friends in real life use Quibblo and so it is a place to keep all this hidden. At school i am labelled as many things: quirky, crazy, shy, out-going, sporty, fast, obsessive and of course violent but nobody would think I Ali Johnsons could be a romantic. I preferred it that way because people wouldn't be as scared of me if they knew and i need people to be scared of me other wise they take the mick of my random outbursts!
I wrote the last sentence of my latest chapter and as my email binged i shared the latest chapter for all my virtual friends to see.
I clicked on my inbox and it was another message from the person claiming to be Liam. I opened it for humour and it read Charlie or whatever your real name is (tell me your name) it is Liam and i can prove it to you say any phrase you want and i will update it onto my twitter as you are clearly a follower love Liam i laughed but decided to play along and sent him a message
hey Liam imposter, i will take you up on that offer and if you are He then his twitter will say "i love louis Tomlinson he is so sexy please get #Lilo trending i smirked as i hit send
And searched for some more one direction fan fics to read but it was hard because i had read most of them. I wish my friends would write more chapters already!
I found a nice one and read it but i was annoyed to find it only had one chapter and was still to be completed but was made ages ago. I read it anyway hopeing for ideas for my stories. When i was half way through my email buzzed again but i ignored it because i never interupt reading a chapter of a one direction story for a message. When i reached the bottem i left a quick comment begging the author to continue, friended them and finally clicked on my inbox. The guy had sent me another message I have no idea why i am so desperate to prove myself to you i think i like the idea of someone like Charlie being my little sister and so am hoping you are like her but click refresh on twitter i chuckled and just clicked on twitter not expecting anything but when i clicked refresh i was shocked at what I saw. @Real_Liam_Payne: i love @Louis_Tomlinson he is so sexy so please get #Lilo trending i laughed and went back on to twitter to reply
okay so well done on that but i still belive you just out a guy with really good connections and are good friends with him good enough to get him to humiliate himself to the whole world but i dont think it is Liam i sent and to my surprise he replied straight away
YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME?!? You still don't believe me so I humiliated myself for no reason! Look if you have skype give me your skype name and i will prove it i smiled it couldn't be him but how could i explain it? Well there is only one way to find out I lost my password somewhere but i know you have an iphone so you can facetime me my email is this should be good
I went back to looking for some cool fan fictions but to my utter surprise my facetime really did ring. I quickly grabbed a picture of Taylor Swift and put in the way of the camera while i clicked accept.
I was stunned it really was him! He was sat there smiling. "Wow" i said shocked
He chuckled "so how come I don't get to see the girl who got me to post that i love Louis on twiiter?!" He asked
I laughed "well i am too ugly and i would just be embaressed for you to see me. So anyway how are you and the boys?" I asked staying calm after recovering from the intial shock. I have been a directioner for a while now but i believe they deserve to be treated like noramal human beings. I bet they miss that!
Liam smiled "a few things, one: i doubt you are ugly, two: even if you were not that pretty it would not change anything, three: i love how you stay calm by the fact you write fan fictions about us i would expect you to be screaming and fan girling right now"
I laughed "Li thanks but for now i am keeping the picture because you are still a strabger i met on the internet whether you are famous or not, and i stay calm because i am a huge fan but i feel you have the roght to be treated like everyone else, and i like to be diffrent!"
He smiled "that's what makes the Charlie character so intresting and i may have onky just met you but i feel like you are my little sister"
I laughed "That's nice i guess kinda freaky you know"
He chuckled "well to be a freak is to be unique and it looks like i am following your example"
"WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?" I heard someone screamin the background. I laughed and Louis came running up to the screen "hello Taylor" he said
I laughed "hey lou"
"Hey you didn't move your lips" he said and Liam pushed him
"That is because it is a pucture she not Taylor but she is too shy to show me what she looks like" said Liam
"Owwww" Louis said understanding i shook my head
"You really are quite weird Lou" i said
"So who is she anyway because she is clearly not a crazy fan but if you know her don't you know what she looks like?" Louis asked confused making me laugh
"I am a unique quirky freak louis"
Liam laughed "that doesn't answer my question though" Louis pouted "but i love the answer"
I laughed as Liam explaned "have you seen my twitter?" He asked
Louis burst out laughing "who hacked you this time or do you really think i am sexy" louis winked making me laugh
"Louis I am way out of your legue" Liam joked "but this girl i don't have a name for yet caught my eye with her Fan fiction about us so i messaged her and she didn't believe it was me so to prove it to her i told her to say anything she liked and i would be forced to write it on my twitter and she is quite sassy so she came up with that but still didn't believe me so i had to facetime her" Liam rushed out in one breath
I laughed
"So she is a fan?" Louis asked slowly confused
"Yeah just a unique one" i called out
"Please let me see what you look like" Louis begged
I laughed "no can do and you moght like to know you are talking to a thirteen year old i am only year nine" i said
Liam looked shocked "but you are such a good writer and your profile says seventeen"
"Well it's not like I date anyone off Quibblo so it doesn't matter what age it says I am and also i am not that good of a writer people just like it because i write when i am hyper so i can write funny stuff" i said
"Please let us see what you look like" Louis said again and Liam agreed.
"I will tell you what as you are celebrities so i know you are not creeps that will harm me even if you may be creeps i will go and sort out my makeup then take down the picture of keep talking to you like this it is your choice!" I said
"Why do you need makeup" Louis grumbled
"Because I am insecure about how ugly i am so what is your choice" i asked
"How long will you take doong your makeup to be confident enough to take down the picture?" Asked Liam
"Um about five minutes not that long" i said
"Then that is our choice" shouted Louis
I laughed and stood up to wash my face. I then put on some concealer over my fading spots, the i put on some nice thick eye liner just the way i like it then i applied heaps of mascara while listening to the boys talk.
"She is so unique" said Louis
"Yeah you should read the story she wrote about us" Liam said
I smiled and went back to fixing my hair. But i gave up and grabbed my dope hat and threw all my hair in it on my head. I then walked over to the camera "okay i am done" i announced
"Take down the picture already" louis said with sass making me laugh
I took a deep breath and took down the picture so the could see my not so pale white skin and my brown eyes. They are probably the only feature i like about myself they are really big!
I looked into the camera to see them smiling at me "i said you wouldn't be ugly" said Liam
"Thanks" i said not believing him
"So Louis how is Kevin?" I asked.

What do you think????????????????
Just so you know all stories that i mentioned the names of are real stories and you should read them!!! I do love lots of stories and i hope o didn't offend anyone just by mentioning one of my friends stories and not anyone who may be offneded. I just really want to get RueandMadge to wrote more so this is my way of bugging her
kk toodles!

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