The Hero of Someone Else's Story

The Hero of Someone Else's Story

This is the unabridged, 100% true account of how I became someone else, how I saved the world (at least indirectly), and how a fictional character fell in love with me. Don't hate, you know you're just jealous.

No authors were harmed in the making of this story.

Chapter 1

My Old Life

When people used to look at me, they knew I was different. Being homeschooled, I grew up pretty much by myself; being a solitary kind of person, I didn't regret it. Being alone just gave me a chance to indulge in my daydreams, let them sweep me away. If I had known Bilbo Baggins, his words of advice to me would have been, "It's a dangerous business, Livvie my dear, keeping to yourself. You step into a new world, and if you don't keep your head, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."

And he'd be right. It can be dangerous not to keep a tight rein on your thoughts. If you're not careful, your daydreams will control your life. I learned that a little too late.

I continually lived in a fantasy world. My best friend, Kelly, was always there too, whether I decided to visit Rohan or District 4 on any given day. We'd choreograph swordfights, we'd write ballads about "Frodo Nine-Fingered and Samwise the Brave", we'd take vacations together just so we could watch all eight Harry Potter movies undisturbed. (That was the first time either of us had seen them, by the way, and the day after watching Deathly Hallows I was so dehydrated from crying that my mom considered the emergency room.)

Although you probably get the idea by now, there's one more piece of information you need to know about us, which is that even though we were well-versed in many fantasies, we had a favorite. Lord of the Rings. You couldn't beat the Lord of the Rings. Such an incredible story of devotion, of self-sacrifice, of love, of war. It was, simply put, the bomb-diggety. And yeah, we were kind of obsessed. We quoted the movies all the time; we saw parallels in literature class and wrote essays about the similarities between Mr. Rochester and Haldir; we created Elvish names for ourselves. The whole nine yards.

The awesomest part, though, was that my nickname was Eowyn. I mean, like, people that I knew but didn't really know called me Eowyn. I earned it when our literature and composition class was reading the trilogy - apparently, someone had written an essay comparing me to Eowyn. I was shocked at first (though pleased, because Eowyn is awesome), but as I thought about it, I began to see the similarities. I'm generally quiet and caring, I can be stubborn when I want, I've got a family that looks out for each other, and I'm as pale as they come. So I kept the nickname and flaunted it with pride.

So yeah, I had it made.

Until June 18, 2012. That's when things got really weird.

That's when I finally lost my head, and had no idea where I'd been swept off to.

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