Arwen, an Unexpected Change

Chapter 1

The Internet

Ah, internet I love them so. Normally when it comes to me liking things, i'm a fan-boy. Even though i'm a girl, since instead of falling in love with charactors I think to myself, 'God, if only he could be my parter in crime or father or nextdoor neighbor. Must. Buy. Merch. Now!!'. But when it comes to the Lord of the Rings....Oh boy, here comes fangirl. My first crush recorded in history is Aragorn, son of Arathorn. The smoldering ranger and true king on Gondor. (que a romantic sigh) And Arwen, she was so beautiful. I was so jealous of her.

I read the questions carefully, and the answer options even more carefully. This was the seventh "What LOTR charactor are you?" quiz i'd taken today. I was determined to answer perfectly, to get the kind of answer i wanted. Sure, i'd love any result, but I felt if I answered in the most sincerest way, i'd surely get the best result I could. I looked over at my alarm clock. 7:30 a.m., oh gosh, I was about to miss the bus! I quickly clicked the "submit" button, hoping it would load while I gathered my things.

Backpack, check. Books, check. Brushed hair, check. Computer? I hate Internet Explorer! I reminded myself to download something faster as soon as I got home, then sprinted down the hall and out the door just in time for the bus.

After about ten minutes, the page finally refreshed itself. The charactor was Arwen. And my school was about to get a new student.

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