The Life-Mending Charm

This is my story for the competition, I'm actually doing a competition for once! I hope you guys like it, please rate and comment! Thanks!

Chapter 9

One Year Later, All Was Well

It's Halloween night, and for what seems like the first time in years, I am alone at home, curled up on the sofa with a laptop and a cup of tea. I know, right? Louisa Edwards, home alone on Halloween night! A year ago I'd have torn my hair out if I was left alone like this, but now I'm more comfortable in my own skin - or maybe I just value my hair too much.

Eric's out with his friends, and my parents are at a party. They actually trust me not to ruin the house, which is pretty cool. Okay, it's uncool by teenager standards, when everyone wants to be a rebel, but I've seen the bad side of that. It's better to just live a quiet life, lay low for a bit.

I'm on Quibblo, a site that I used to be pretty obsessed with before my, ahem, 'party days.' It's actually really cool, just taking personality quizzes like this. I've even written a few stories; my spelling and grammar isn't great, but I'm working hard. That's what counts. I mean, I may not know a lot about full stops, but I could learn - anything's possible.

Something stirs in my memory, something stronger than a mere fantasy but too weird to be reality. It must have been around a year ago, but I swear I had this really crazy dream that I spent a day as Hermione, living her life in Hogwarts. I sit back on the sofa, closing my eyes and trying to sum up the memory of it - surprisingly, I can think of it quite clearly, as if it happened. I've always had doubt in my mind about it too, because the next day my homework was done, my room was clean and, weirdest of all, my parents had forgiven my reckless behavior and misdemeanors of the past.

The gave me a bit of a wake-up call, seeing them proud of me, believing in me. I'd forgotten how it felt - pleasant, I guess. But with pleasure comes pressure, and that came in plentiful supply. I caved in, and grew up.

Maybe I did it all by myself, or maybe Hermione gave me a bit of a push on the way.

Okay, being alone up late has clearly wrecked my brain. I grin to myself and flick back onto the Quibblo homepage, looking at the top rated quizzes for a bit of amusement. What Harry Potter character are you, I read. That should be pretty interesting, given my total and mind-consuming obsession.

I find that I've actually taken this personality quiz before, and the result picture shows Draco Malfoy. I laugh to myself - I must have taken this a while ago.

I click re-take, looking for a more accurate, updated result. The questions are good, which explains why it's top rated, and I feel the familiar rush of curiosity as I submit my results.

Hermione Granger! Just like Hermione, you're intelligent, loyal and a bit bossy. You are in control of your life and you sometimes try to control others but that's only because you know what's best for them mostly. You work hard and you try not to break rules. You're really like Hermione!

I smile. Correct,I think. It's a good description of me. I've been a little bossy lately, with Shauna and my other friends. I do know what's best for them, because I was where they are last year and I'm happy now.

But I'm not Hermione Granger. I'm like her, but I'm not her. I don't wish I was anybody else anymore, because I've pretty much mended my life. My own life, my own future, my own story.

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