The Life-Mending Charm

This is my story for the competition, I'm actually doing a competition for once! I hope you guys like it, please rate and comment! Thanks!

Chapter 3

JK Rowling

The rest of the house is open, bright and tidy, but very bland. Perhaps it is an illusion after all, because this place is so boring you could have dreamed it up in two seconds. But this, I believe, might not be a dream, and the only way to find answers is to ask for them.

"You know Harry Potter?" I demand, walking down the stairs after Eric. He's much taller than me (or Louisa) so I have to hurry after him as we head into what is clearly the kitchen.

"Well not personally," he says, as if it's some huge joke. Maybe it is, because my friend Harry is pretty famous... But why would a Muggle have heard of him? I mean, Muggles don't even know we exist... Or maybe Eric knows Harry's Muggle family, I reason. That would make sense.

But it turns out that all of my suspicions are incorrect, and that the answer makes no sense at all. "Louisa, you're acting so weird. How could I not know about Harry Potter? He's your life - the only books you've bothered to read if I remember correctly."

There it is again - books. I stare at Eric in alarm as he goes around the kitchen, getting bowls and spoons. Why would a Muggle know about Harry from a book?

"Uh, yeah, the books," I say flippantly, trying to play the part of Louisa. She seems pretty brain-dead though, sleeping in a dress, so maybe I'll be forgiven for playing dumb. "Gotta love that book... you've, uh, read it, right? What did you think?"

Eric shrugs, handing me a bowl of cornflakes and gesturing that I should sit down. I follow his silent instructions, perching awkwardly on a chair. I'm hungry for answers, not cornflakes.

"JK Rowling is good, but the characters aren't great. I mean, Hermione for example is very two-dimensional. The bossy, nerdy girl who turns out to be beautiful. What a cliché," he says. I gape at him - half offended, half complimented, but fully shocked. Who is JK Rowling and what on earth are these books about? Harry? Me?

"Look, I've got to go to school," Eric says, shovelling in the last mouthful of cornflakes. "You're acting really weird, Louisa. Maybe you could get some sleep." He gets up, puts the empty bowl on the sideboard and grabs a schoolbag from the floor. Books spill out and he shoves them back in, but they're all schoolbooks, not JK Rowling's.

"Wait, why don't I have to go to school?" I gulp, following Eric into the hallway. Louisa is clearly school-going age, and she should be going to school, yet there's no schoolbag left out for me and Eric told me to sleep.

"You're suspended, Louisa," Eric says slowly, as if I'm a total idiot. "Remeber? Throwing a brick through the headmaster's window? Ring a bell? Anyway, you need some sleep, kiddo. Bye."

"Actually, I don't think I'll be able to sleep. I'm just going to read these books," I say, half to myself, as Eric goes out the door and leaves me alone.

Now, I'd better find those Harry Potter books and find out what's going on.

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