The Life-Mending Charm

This is my story for the competition, I'm actually doing a competition for once! I hope you guys like it, please rate and comment! Thanks!

Chapter 1

Unhappy Halloween

It's approaching midnight as I make my way home, stumbling slightly in my ridiculous heels. "Worst Halloween ever," I mutter to myself, making my way towards the front gate of my house on the quiet suburban street. Even on Halloween, there is nothing remotely interesting going on around here. The party I've been at was ridiculously tame, and now I know I'm going to get in huge trouble just for going.

"Louisa, what on Earth have you been doing? It's almost twelve o'clock! What have you got to say for yourself?" my mum yells, appearing in the doorway before I've even reached the porch; she has been staying up for me like a cat waiting to pounce. Straining to get a better view of her, I can tell she's red with rage - not a good sign. I've done a lot to annoy her these past few weeks, but now she has gone over the edge. I sense impending doom gathering over me like storm clouds. This is just the tip of the iceberg of bad things I've done, but it'll be enough to get me into real trouble.

"Uh, chill out, Mum, be reasonable here," I say breezily, tottering into the hallway. It had been so dark outside that I have to blink to adjust to the light. "The party was boring anyway, nothing bad happened at all. And I'm only two hours late, which isn't much in the greater scheme of things, really."

"The greater scheme of things isn't looking good for you, Louisa," says my father, coming out of the kitchen with a weary look on his face. He's much older than my mum, and apparently I look a lot like him, though our personalities are completely different. He's sensible, kind, smart... and I'm Louisa which is pretty much synonymous with rebellious, stupid, troublesome.

"Fine I'll go to bed," I grumble, taking off my shoes. "And don't wake me up in the morning. You can leave me alone from now on! I'm so tired of you!" My parents barely react, having heard much worse from me, so I slam my bedroom door loudly for added emphasis when I go into my room.

It's a haven of untidiness in my mum's obsessively neat house, and as I throw myself on the unmade bed, I look at the pictures posters covering my walls. There are pictures of me with my friends, pictures of me at parties, and pictures of my many ex-boyfriends... I keep them there as mementos, I guess, of the times when boys actually liked me. Now I sort of seem to scare them off.

I turn to my poster of the characters of Harry Potter, the only books I've ever read, and the only characters I've ever even liked. Their familiar faces look on me sympathetically, and I feel a little remorseful. They'd have never been so mean to their parents - even Fred and George would have been kinder. "I wish I were like you guys," I whisper to the characters softly, feeling a bit idiotic but continuing nevertheless. "You wouldn't have messed up my life like I have. I wish I could just do some life-mending spell and I wouldn't be in trouble at all. But it doesn't work like that; I'm not you."

And a few minutes later, I am asleep, and I don't know if I start dreaming or if what happens next is real.

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