What Life Really Is (Original)

Okay, previously, I had started a group story with a few other people and it ended in the beginning. Little me, loving to finish, I am starting a new original with the same idea sense it's uncontinued. So please rate and comment. It will be appreciated. Give contructive critism and not innapropriate rudeness. And please tell me how you think. Thank you! So much!

Chapter 1

The Secret

The weather wasn't much different than yesterday. The sun peered down and barely showed itself between all the tall trees. The leaves surrounding her house looked the same, as if they never moved. And lastly her tree house still stood attached to the biggest tree she has ever seen.

Her name was Iris, but no one knew that. She was commonly called Caden, except her parents refuse to call her that, so she's Iris at home. Her skin was light and paleish, but under her eyes she had black edges, getting larger everytime she sneezes. She normally would wear dresses because she was a girly girl, but barely went to school. Her education was lacking but from her point of view she didn't want it, she didn't need it. Her hair hardly sat on her shoulders but it was blue. She had dyed it when she was younger and it seemed to never go back to normal.

The house she lived in, sometimes, was out in the forest. It was dark almost all day and cold constantly. Even during the summer she had to wear at least a light jacket if she didn't want to get a chill.

She was walking down a trail covered in leaves, Caden memorized her way around the forest, she's lived here for thirteen years. Unfortunately, some stupid teenagers wrecked half the forest with paint guns and graffiti. As Caden walked past all the "art" she rolled her eyes in the teenagers immature drawings.

Finally she arrived at a large tree house, that looked old and covered in scratches and holes. Hiding the tree house was large trees and a oversized blanket. No one goes this far back in the forest, after Caden spread the rumor about a goblin living back here no one dared to go there. Of course everyone believed her, she lived in the forest.

Caden ducked her head under the blanket and tugged on the ladder that swung freely to make sure it wouldn't fall as she climbed up. Then she attached her backpack to her jacket that had a clip and started to climb up the ladder. Her hands were filled with splinters and cuts but she was used to it. Her shoes have worn out and soon she would need new ones but her parents were broke.

When she got to the top she unclipped her bag and tossed it in the corner. The tree house was strong built, and had many things inside. There was a desk filled with papers and pencils, a small television that connected to the satellite, and a small couch that pulled out into a bed.

But covered on the walls were amazing drawings. Perfect drawings. Magnificent drawings! And who drew them? Caden. She always had a facination in drawing.

Immediately, she sat down at the desk and began to draw. She usually drew people or animals. Her best friend was a kitten that roamed the woods like she was a human. Sometimes, Caden considers her one.

Caden hummed out the tune of, "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction. Even though she barely used electronics at all, when she does go to school, the people she is stuck with sing and they never stop. It almost seemed incessant.

After Caden got about half way through her drawing her phone went off. She peeked over at it and saw an unknown number. Curiously, she snatched it and stared at it for a minute. She didn't answer it, she threw it back to the ground and continued drawing.

But once again, it rang. She didn't answer. And again, she didn't answer.

Until the fourth time she picked up the phone and rudely spoke into the phone.

"What?!" She whispered but it sounded as if she was screaming. The man on the phone laughed, and then he breathed heavily.

"Meet me at your tree house at dawn." and he hung up.

Caden thought. And threw the picture over and grabbed her bag. She crawled back down the ladder and started to scamper back to her house. Caden was scared, she was frightened.

It was so silent in the woods, despite the snapping of leaves and sticks, it was unnatural. No birds, no squirrels, nothing.

Eventually she reached the safeness of her home. And she toppled onto the floor and her heart was racing.

She didn't know what to do. She thought to herself, "Should I go meet the stranger? Or stay home?"

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