Diary of a middle school loser

I hope you enjoy and im still thinking of character names so yeah.

Chapter 1

September 9th

Oh my gosh! Today is my first day at a new school. Its called West Hampton Middle School. The day all the teachers will be saying:" Welcome our new student Stephanie McMillers." At my old school i was popular and my friends would cal me steph or fiery. Because of my feiry personality. But I have a felling this school will be different.

~Time to get ready for school~

I went downstairs and my little sister Maria had eaten all the waffles but 2. Mom makes enough for Maria to have two and I can have 3. I ate the two anyway because if i tell her off to my mom Maria will come up with some excuse and mom will believe Maria. I brushed my teeth but then i realized something. " MARIA! YOU LITTLE FIEND!" I ran into her room holding the toothpaste bottle. Or i thought. Maria had switched out the lables of the toothpaste and the shampoo. "MARIA! I KNOW YOU DID THIS!" I chased her around the room. I finally gave up and returned to geting ready.

The uniform is hideous! Its a plaid skirt with a brown top and horrible plaid tie. I allmost puked! For my hair i did a side ponytail with microbraids. I used a lot of hairspray to make sure i looked good for first day.

I walked out to my dads red mustang. My mom waited at the door because she hates the mustang. I got shotgun. I rolled the window all the way down. My mom waved goodbye and I wavee back. We pulled up to the red light. Then I remembered what I forgot. My make-up. I look like a zombie without at least cover up for the bags under my eyes. "Dad! We need to go home." "Its to late sweetie! Were here!" I rolled the window up and looked at the huge school. The uniforms the kids were wearing were not like mine. The girls had tan skirts, white knee highs, white top, and one girl bedazzled her top! My mom got me the wrong uniform!

the next chapter will be the same day just her in class


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