Chapter 1


Name: Most people call me Red.
Personality: I am extremely shy, unless I know you like the back of my hand. I'm sarcastic, quietly insane, I can be extremely wild, I'll kill you if you pause my music without permission, I can be over-protective and loyal, I get embarrassed easily, and I suffer self-hate, depression runs in my family, but I'm trying to live by a Jayy von Monroe quote: "Don't learn to hate yourself, you learn to love yourself." Quirky. I don't like to hurt people's feelings, when I'm angry bad things happen, I tend to hide what I'm thinking. Sometimes, with my friends, I will be candid.
Fave music: Mhm....I like post-hardcore music, I also listen to Metal and Alternative. Sometimes I listen to older bands, or random "quirky" songs.
Fave book: The Raven Boys, Clockwork Angel.
Fave character? Why?: Drew....um....well....because......Um, ......YO LOOK AT THAT INTERESTING SPOT ON THE WALL! runs away
Least fave character? Why?:...........the girl? I dunno.
What do you usually wear?: T-shirts of my favorite bands, dark clothing, ripped jeans, a watch, I'm usually wearing a lot of metal bracelets. I have a ring on my middle finger, of a broken arrow. It's a long story....I wear hats....usually some sort of jacket.

What do you think of;
Drew: coughs and looks away -//- You mean it isn't obvious?
Andrew: He's pretty kind, and would probably be my closest friend :P
Tyler: Well, um...he bit me, and I'm still kind of pissed about it. Before that, he was great, quite possibly a dear friend, but I don't exactly take to being bitten well.....bad memories and all. Blame Lloyd.
Kaleb: Sometimes his hyperness creeps me out, but he's very sweet.
The girl: (the one who came in and all the guys were screaming) -_-
ME!: XD What can I say? You're very cool, and...dedicated.


1) Drew and tyler are bickering over something, what do you do? What any abnormal person would do. Ignore them, and play the instruments in my room. (i have a piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drum set, bass guitar, recorder, violin, and....my voice.)

2) Kaleb is going on a sugar rush, how do you deal with it? Run to my room, pull out the glass fire-extinguisher-looking case from under my bed that reads, "Break glass in case of neko going insane". Obviously, I would break the glass, and go on a little hunt with the tranquilizer lying within. Don't worry....it's only temporary.

3)Oh no! The girl is back! AND She has a knife! Quick! What do you do?! Use my amazing black belt karate moves to beat her up, and then feed her to my devil of a cat, CC.

4) Drews not here at the moment, and Tyler lost his temper and slugged Kaleb in the face? What do you do? Slug Tyler in the face and give Kaleb a cupcake.

5) Drew came home and lost it on Tyler. Hes strangling him!! What are you going to do?! Blast Motionless in White through out the house and save Tyler a few minutes later.

6) Kaleb is annoying Tyler somehow? Do you do anything? What? Yeah. Encourage Kaleb, because I can. Maybe throw a shoe at Tyler.

7) You catch Andrew slipping kaleb a candy bar, after Tyler got rid of all the rest of it. What do you do? Ask why Andrew hasn't given me a chocolate bar with a hurt expression.

8)You ar going somewhere and either Drew or Andrew are going to carry you while they fly. Who do you choose? Andrew, because I tend to avoid....well, let's just put it this way. My absolute idol and hero of all time is Mikey Way. If a regular person saw their idol, they would freak out and ask for an autograph. I would just do a double take and hide behind something, stealing glances now and then, cursing myself for not being able to get the guts to ask for an autograph and tell him he and his bandmates freakin' saved my life with their music.

9) (just had to put this one!) You see The girl (you know the one from before) tied to a tree. What do you do? Have a little target practice with my tranquilizer ;P


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