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Yo! Finally finished it! I'm sorry they're not that long, but I left my brain under the couch and now I can't find it. :( Hope you like them anyway!

Chapter 1


Orient: I would not mind being Drea's brother. :P We both love the Hunger Games! I like to mess with her hair......Can you blame me? I'm a cat. Sorta. A...a cat-human. (Kain: This is why we just call you a Neko.) Whatever, Kain. Anyway, my cat instincts tell me that I have to-OOH! Is that a cupcake?! shoves microphone to Kain I GOTTA GO! runs for cupcake

Kain: It's very fun to make Drea blush. >:) I love her eyes. Green eyes are....well, yeah. Divergent is possibly a favorite book of mine...I'm just going to come out and say it, I really like her. I love everything about her, especially her wonderful personality. Before I embarrass myself, here's Lloyd...

Lloyd: .......................(Me: Lloyd? Lloyyyyyd?) ....HAHAHA! She's taller than QM! (Me: -__- Shut up Lloyd. I'm taller than Frank Lero and he's still amazing!) XD Anyways, Drea...We are very close. :P She can tell me anything, absolutely anything. Yeah alright, we all know I'm a man of few words so, Leone?

Leone: I know I'm cool :P Among other things...Drea surprised me. I thought she was shy at first, but then I discovered her personality is actually a lot more wild. We're both very loyal and stubborn. Mine is purely because I'm a werewolf, but it also gives me a nasty temper, but Drea's pretty nice.

Office buddies: She threatened us with a flame thrower....Well...we have water guns! OHHHHHH! (Lloyd: and I have a vat full of electric eels so SHUT UP!)

Me: You're amazing! Couldn't ask for a more loyal friend, with great writing skills.


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