What would my characters think of you?

I know I haven't gotten that far my series, but I really wanted to do this. I'll make an even better one later! :) Jsut fill out the form below and either message me or send me a story invite with your answers!

Chapter 1

Here we go!

Fave music:
Fave book:
Fave character? Why?:
Least fave ccharacter? Why?:
What do you usually wear?:

What do you think of;
The girl: (the one who came in and all the guys were screaming)


1) Drew and tyler are bickering over something, what do you do?

2) Kaleb is going on a sugar rush, how do you deal with it?

3)Oh no! The girl is back! AND She has a knife! Quick! What do you do?!

4) Drews not here at the moment, and Tyler lost his temper and sluged Kaleb in the face? What do you do?

5) Drew came home and lost it on Tyler. Hes strangling him!! What are you going to do?!

6) Kaleb is annoying Tyler somehow? Do you do anything? What?

7) You catch Andrew slipping kaleb a candy bar, after Tyler got rid of all the rest of it. What do you do?

8)You ar going somewhere and either Drew or Andrew are going to carry you while they fly. Who do you choose?

9) (just had to put this one!) You see The girl (you know the one from before) tied to a tree. What do you do?


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