What the Characters Think of Lue

Try as I might, I can never make results longer than a couple of sentences X.X

Chapter 1

deletes chapter title off of the earth's face There. You're Pluto's problem now.

Kain: I agree with Lue, dark clothing is the best. ^-^ Where do I start....this girl is all kinds of amazing. I would do anything for her without hesitation. I won't ever let anyone hurt her either, anyone that tries is as good as dead. I hear she still has my rose ;P She has great taste in music, and I can really trust her with my feelings.

Lloyd: Psh, come on Lue, I am funnier than Hell. Seriously, have you met him? No sense of humor what so ever. XD Anyway, this girl is great. At least she laughs at my jokes! Although I will admit sometimes my pranks go too far....She didn't hold a grudge against me for trying to kill her.

Orient: Well, I wouldn't survive without the cupcakes...I'm glad Lue's around so I have someone to share them with. I'm going to have to fix her problem with being shy. We can start at the cupcake convention! She makes me food, so she has my eternal adoration, needless to say...

Leone:Eh, well, she doesn't hate me so.....Yeah. She's cool. I don't talk to her constantly, but when we do talk it is always an interesting conversation. Yup. Yeah. Yes. Affirmative. Aye. Um...Hai. Ja. Si. Whatever...XD

Kain's office buddies: Nooo.....Hell's mean....We don't like him. Or Lue. SHE STOLE KAIN FROM US!!! One day we will put her in her place...

Me: Lue's amazing! She's a great writer, and very talented at making me laugh. :P Um.....music....wolves.....etc.


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