Once upon a never after what they think of you results.

here's the answers!

Chapter 1


Nathaniel: She's really random. I remember once when Kyle callenged her to a who can be more random contest, she left him speachless, NO ONE has ever done that... and sorry for yelling at you, I know it was uncalled for, but I have some secret's in there I prefer to keep a secret... and no going in my room!

Blake: He__ yeah I'll fight with you! I didn't appreciate a pillow to the face though... >.> I did like it when she split the cupcake in three ways, so no one would get left out, unlike qm, who would take the whole thing. glares at me

Kyle: She's really random, and pretty, sweet, She left me speachless in a who can be more random contest! I always win those things! (Me: until you challenged her) T.T

Stephen: I will NOT Cry at the end of tangled!!!!! (Me: what about when we watched it with Joey?) I was not crying, I had something in my eyes! I would've hugged Princess_Awesome when she cried, if Kyle and Cody didn't beat me to it glares at them She and I have the same taste in music by the sound of the songs and artist she listed, She seems pretty cool...

Cody: I'm a neko, so I'm adorable! ^-^ She's my sugar rush buddy! But, she really had me scared when she said we were out of coffee, I ran downstaires screaming NOOOOOO and I could hear Zack laugh from upstaires... what were you doing anyw- BIRD! chases it

Zack: She think's I'm sweet! ^-^ Once I was talking to her about "The secret" when Cody tried to come in, she yelled "OH NO WE"RE OUT OF COFFEE!" I thought Cody was going to have a heartattack! Everyone later asked me why I was laughing so hard, but remembering it mae me laugh!

Lev: I am mysterious, Thanks for the compliment on my abs, and you're pretty cool... for a halfbreed. smirks and walks off

Me: aww, you're making me blush! I realy love your randomness, and most of the stuff I read that you wrote is in my favorites! ^-^ Can I go to your school, I'm a freak in mine! Plus, The chronicals of Vladimir tod is one of my favorite book series too! :P

So, Nathaniel likes you, Blake wants to fight on the same team as you (Blake: and Likes you better than qm!) Kyle is in awe at your randomness, Stephen likes you, Cody and you are sugar rush buddies, Zack think's you're funny, Lev might be interested in you, and I think you're Awesome!

Hope you like it ^-^

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