What would the Characters from once upona never after think of you? -girls only-

I'll do one for which rank of werewolf later, after I get to quiz, like... 14, 15, or 16.. a certian thing just has to happen first... Message me or write a story, i don't care which you do ^-^

Chapter 1

Information for it.

what you look like/wear:
Fav. thing to do:
Who you mostly get:
favorite character:
favorite guy (cause sometimes a fav character isn't one of the guys):
least favorite character:
Lest favorite guy:
Fav book:
Fav kind of music:
Fav song/artist:

What you think of


let's RP

1) You're passing by Nathaniel's room. The door is wide open and the floor decides not to squeak, what would you do?

2) Blake is fighting with Cody over who get's the last cupcake, what do you do?

3) You're talking to Zack when Cody tries to come in your room (and the conversation is about a secret of Zack's he doesn't want anyone to know, but you found out that he's a dreamwalker if you're wondering what the secret is) you have to yell something at Cody to scare him off, what do you say?

4) Lev is training without his shirt on, and he catches you staring, he smirks for the first time in FOREVER, what do you say or do?

5) You have to travel somewhere, whould you let Nathaniel or Stephen carry you?

6) You go Shopping with Stephen when you loose him! Quick, what do you do?

7) uh-oh! Cody is going on a sugar rush! what do you do?

8) Kyle decides to challenge you to who can say the weirdest line contest, what do you counter-attack with after he says "You did WHAT to BLAKE for HOW many M&M'S!?"

9) You wake up in the middle of the night to find Blake starring at you, you want to yell at him, but don't want to wake anyone, what do you do?

10) Make up your own question and answer!!!! But it HAS to include one of the guys and a movie!


Answer honestly and have fun!


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