Please Ignore the Fangs

Okay, so I know that I have some other stuff going on, but I got this idea,and I knew that if I didn't write it down I would forget it.

Here's the link if you want a picture of the main character:

(Unless she's using her vampire powers, her eyes are normally dark purple-ish blue.)

Chapter 1

When You Hear "Bite Me" One Too Many Times...

Amy Lee's soothing voice echoed through my head. "The worst is over now, and we can breathe again. I wanna hold you high, you steal my pain away..."

I sighed and slid down lower on the black leather seat, pulling up the hood of my favorite jacket to hide most of my face. The jacket was black, with a neon purple zipper and a red patch sewn on in the shape of a heart. Despite countless washes and several spritzes of perfume, it still smelled faintly of blood.

Aunt Valentina eyed me in the rearview mirror. Her eyes, which were perfect copies of mine, seemed to be asking why I was acting even more gloomy than usual. As if the answer weren't obvious.

It's not every day you get sent to Supernatural Juvie.

Of course, that's not what it's officially called. Silverthorne Reformatory Academy was a very respected institute. They basically took monsters like me, who were threats to society, and trained us to coexist peacefully with humans.

You bite one mean girl (who TOTALLY had it coming), and suddenly you're a danger to the human population of the world.

My dad, of course hadn't been directly involved in the matter. He was still in England for whatever business takes 12 years to take care of, and hadn't heard about "the incident" until about a week before the beginning of my sentence. Aunt Valentina and Uncle Philip had been the ones to deal with Silverthorne's representatives.

See, my family dissolved before I was even really a part of it. My parents split up before I was born. Something about my dad going insane with Blood Withdrawal, and trying to bite my mom. By the time my mom died in a car crash when I was five, my dad was already in England, and I was adopted by my godmother, my mother's best friend, Meg Daton.

Meg was a good mom. She wasn't too strict, although she was kind of protective, and she always had some kind of baked goodies around. I missed her a lot.

Shortly after my twelfth birthday, my vampire traits began to become more dominant, and it became clear that my dad's family would have to take over.

You wouldn't imagine how depressing it is to be a teenager living in a gloomy old mansion with two full vampires who are both over four hundred.

Of course, they were very nice to me, and did make some effort to make the house more comfortable. Aunt Valentina was an amazing house keeper, even if she had forgotten how to cook after so many years of not eating. Uncle Philip told amazing stories, and sometimes he was even funny. Despite my general dislike for all things vampire-related, I had enjoyed my time with them. I was going to miss them while I was at Silverthorne.

Aunt Valentina pulled the black luxury sedan (what is it with vampires and expensive cars?) into the parking space next to the dock. Silverthorne is located on its own remote island in Maine, to keep us from revealing our true nature to humans.

"Shall I accompany you to the school?" She asked, raising one eyebrow. Valentina had never quite caught on to modern English.

"Nah. I'll be fine." I opened the door and stepped, immediately shivering in the cold, damp air. I went pulled out my trunk, black with red trim. Besides my backpack (which was purple, with a button pinned on it which read "Zombies were people too!"), it was the only luggage I had.

Aunt Valentina came out and glided over to me, in that weirdly elegant way she has. "Good luck, Little Dove." she said with a smile. I'm not sure why she's always called me Little Dove.

I hugged her, forgetting in my angst that she thought hugs were "improper". She awkwardly patted my back. "There there, Allie. All will be well. You will return to us for the Christmas holidays before you know it."

I smiled as I stepped back to my trunk. "Thanks, Aunt V." I started to drag my trunk over to the ferry, wishing I had inherited my father's superhuman strength.

"Allie!" Valentina called. I looked up from the deck of the ferry.

"Yes, Aunt V?"

" 'No one worth possessing / Can be quite possessed.' " Another one of my aunt's weird habits: randomly spewing depressing poetry. "You would do well to remember it, my dear."

I nodded, pretending I knew what that meant. "Thanks."

The ferry pulled away from the dock, and I turned to face my uncertain future at Silverthorne.

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