Take My Hand

Chapter 1

Chapter One

It was a stormy night, harsh flashes of lighting pierced through the sky, my pale cheeks drained by my tears. Fresh blood seeped through the cutting wounds on my wrist. I closed my eyes and lied there, in front of the smashed, bloodstained window. I felt my heart shatter inside me, I was cold and wet, the plummeting rain was no friend of mine. I felt the breath of another tortured soul behind me, I hesitated, but then turned around. No one was there, I sighed and wrapped my arms around my knees and trembled. I looked at the tattered watch on my slit wrist and cried harder, ocassionally turning my head to be sure I was safe. I took a deep breath as the razor cut through my skin, I made a weak smile and threw my razor at the floor, my tears were like ice, cold hearted. Just like me. I used to think my life was so amazing. But then I realized, whenever I close my eyes I see everything that haunts me, my past, my present, my future...

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