Loved You First a One Direction-Twilight love story

Loved You First a One Direction-Twilight love story

Angela, a 17 year old girl moves to London after she gets invited by her cousin to finish high scool over there in Wolverhampton,England.She doesn't know the suprises that wait for her there.
(The first chapters might be lame because this is the first story i do on quibblo but i think the other chapters get better.comment on what you think.hate comments are fine with me just be honest)

Chapter 1

A Good Start

by: LousSmore
I woke up early not knowing what to do.Today was my first day here in Wolverhampton. It was Sunday so I had nothing to do today. My cousin,Jennifer, should be sleeping now so I just started watching t.v. i was sure that it was going to take me a long time to get used to the time here, i was going to need to match the hours.
Jennifer promised to take me shoping to get new clothes that were popular here in Wolvrhampton. I heard footsteps on the stiars so i thought it was Jennifer.
I greeteed her in the stairs
Jenniffer-hi,angela! did u sleep well?
You- good morning and yes I slept well.
Just then there was a knock on the door. She went strait to the door.
Jennifer- i'll get it!

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