BriLiam, my brother and my loves (FINISHED)

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Chapter 3

What i have hidden

When it was time to drive back Niall refused to drive saying "i will only get complaints from the scary seventeen year old about being too slow" i laughed when he said this and eventually we convinced Harry to drive even though he was so desperate to ride in my amazayn car again.
I also really wanted to ride my bike but i had to drive my car due to some insurance stuff so i made sure Zayn was careful with my bike then got in my extrordiharry car and closed my eyes waiting to see who jumped in. As long as it wasn't one of my wretched siblings i was fine.
Louis jumped in followed by Niall as the others flooded the horrible ford that the boys had been driving to keep a low profile.
"So charlie who do you think your most like?" Asked Niall just before i kicked the peddle and sped making him scream.
"Egh i am unique okay anyway i don't feel like going straight back i will be waiting for the others for ages anyway you want me to drop you off or do you want to come with?"
"Depends where you are going" said Niall as Louis shouted "WILL THERE BE CARROTS?" Making me laugh heartedly
"I have more in my bad louis, Niall i am going to my friends field that she lets me drive around on when i need some speed."
"Um" Niall muttered unsure about my speed already
"Look you cant teel Liam 'bout this 'cos he will just have a go saying i am going to hurt myself"
"You keep alot of secrets from him dant you?" Asked louis
"Do i like cherries? Of course i keep secrets from him he is overprotective!"
"True dat" louis said trying to act cool
I just burst out laughing
"Stop making me laugh or i will crash!" I shouted
They both shut up straight away.
"So either of you hotties got girlfriends at the moment?" I asked
"Oh no she has Harry in her as well!"
"She almost has every personality in the band!"
"You didnt answer my question so i have another one did it hurt?"
"What?" They both asked
"Falling from heaven 'cos thats clearly where your from"
"I thought liam said you only had two personalities from the group!"
"He can not know about this side of me i already said he is over protective!"
"So are you like Liam in anyway?"
"Um well you could say i am overprotective of my cherries, and i do love disney films i cant fall asleep without them and of course my favourite is toy story infact once a week Liam comes into my room and we chill out watching toy story every week so i do know every line word for word and Liam always sings the songs"
"Okay defiantly for some Liam in there the only personality we haven't uncovered is Zayn at all" Louis stated doing an impression of a detective
"Well i only know him as shy and as you can see i am never shy" i state as we turn into the field
"Well what about his love for motorbikes?"
"Yeah well i guess there is that,... So you guys wanna be chickens and hop out or are you ready for some proper speed?"
"I louis the tommo tomilinson am defiantly not a chicken!"
"Neither am i" shouted Niall
"We will see about that" i smirked as i slowly sped up usually i would speed up quicker but i wanted to see if they would talk at all first.
When they didn't i slammed on the peddle and sped off at only 100 miles an hour quite slow for when i am in need of some speed.
The boys however were still screaming so i shouted "i thought you were not chickens? This is slow!" I exclaimed
After a while i slowed down and decided i should get back because Liam would question what took us so long.
"So you never answered my question do you two have girlfriends?" I pressured when we were at a leisure pace.
"Nope" Niall spoke for both of them while popping the p
(Eleanor does not exist in this one the only girlfriend who does is Danielle!)
"So do you have a secret boyfriend at the moment?" Niall smirked
"Nah after i got my last boyfriend in hospital i decided to take some time off relationships so i could flirt with more hotties like you" i smirked right back at him
"I can not believe you manage to hide such a big part of your personality from Liam!" Louis exclaimed
I blushed "well i can not believe you are single" i flirted
"I can not believe you are either!" He retaliated
I smiled hiding my blush and then sped up when I saw harry driving a car i could still get home before them!
"Harry would love to see this side of you two" exclaimed louis
"He hasn't tried to flirt with me yet" i stated
Niall looked shocked while louis had a knowing look in his eye "Liam said that if Harry so much as looks at you funny the band breaks up but it has been hard on my little hazza" louis exclaimed making me laugh
"Well then i guess it is a good thing i was the only one who noticed him staring at my butt when we were sing off to see nandos!"
"He did?" Questioned louis shocked
"Why are you shocked?"
"He is a flirter but he doesn't usually stare at girls butts!" Niall explained
I laughed
"But who could not look at such a cute butt" said louis
I laughed more then all of a sudden i could not drive any more with out something important.
I turned quickly to louis as he was sat next to me "hey babe can you pass me some cherries i can not go on without any more." I exclaimed
"No" Niall answered before he could and went to snatch my clutch to steal my cherries. He put one in his mouth so i pulled to a stop on the side of the road before jumping in the back and punching Niall while tackling him.
I cat scratched his face and it bled, he apologised right away and gave me my bag back, he was crying.
"Hey Lou drive for a bit but if you damage my baby in anyway i will so alt worse then what Niall has here.
Louis started driving again but it didn't feel like it we were going so slow "hey Lou the speed limit isn't one mile an hour you know" i shouted while eating some cherries.
"Shut up this is the speed i drive" i shouted beck
"You call this driving i could easily run faster!"
"Yeah yeah"
I rolled my eyes at him and got out my compact mirror to fix my hair after the tackly. I saw some of Nialls blood on my face so of course i had to get my make up remver wipes then re apply my make but i had more time now then before what with lou's slow driving
"Hey i think we found bthe rest of Zayn in her" Niall shouted after recovering from my attack
"Huh?" Was confussed
"Zayn is vain" shouted louis
"Then why did you have to do the whole of your make up again and fix your hair?"
"Who wouldnt" i retaliated"
"Me" shouted them both
I rolled my eyes and ate another cherry.
"Am i still bleeding" asked Niall
"Only a little bit not much!" I said
Louis looked in the reerview mirror "holy shit you really have anger issues" said louis
"What do you mean" i asked
"His face is gushing blood"
"No its not but if you are going to be like that i can get my first aid kit out" i rolled my eyes at louis as i took my first aid kit out of my hand bag.
"Do you know what your doing?" Asked niall concerned when i took out a needle of pain killers.
"'Course how do you think i have survived the fights i have been in, i mean i never get bad injuries but i always have to help the person i hurt before they get a gang of twenty with knives like when i was 13."
"Holy nandos" exclaimed Niall in shock
"So um yeah you need stitches but it wont leave a scar i explaned"
"Wow you need to control your anger!"
"You need to control your hunger"
"Your the one who almost stopped driving because she needed a Cherry!"
"Just shut up so i can fix the stitches" i said
He shut up and i finished quickly i put a band aid on top and it was done!
We eventually arrived home but of course we were beaten by everyone else after louis's driving!
"Where were you what took you so long" Liam shouted
"Um well um Niall tried to steal some cherries so um louis had to drive home after a bit" i mumbled
"Dear lord lets see the damage where is Niall?"
"I stepped out the way so that Liam could see Niall.
"I see you fixed him up but have you said sorry?"
"Why would i say sorry he tried to steal my cherries and he actually ate one" i shouted out raged at the thought of saying sorry

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