BriLiam, my brother and my loves (FINISHED)

This is my first one direction fan fiction please comment what you think!
I am writing two other one direction fan fictions now as well on my profile (one is a group story) and i am also writing a group story on another profile so I might forget to update so please comment!

Chapter 2


When the boys got outside they were confused because they knew that Liam couldn't drive but they saw a brilliam ferrari in the garage.
"Who's car is that?" Asked louis
"Well i am 17" i said excited by the fact i could drive before my older brother
"Liam bought it so i can give him driving lesson" i stuck my tongue out at him as he blushed embarrassed that his younger sister is the one teaching him.
"So whos in what car cos i cant fit everyone in mine?"
"Well zayn, liam and madison cant drive so they have to be in a car."
"I AM NOT DRIVING MADISON OR LIAM" i shouted quickly
"Why...?" Asked zayn
"When i drive Liam has a tendency to have ago at every turn i make and anything like that as Madison screams if i go over 10 miles an hour basically"
"I do not" madison shouted
Everyone laughed
"I will drive madison and Liam and anyone else then" Niall declared to eager to get to Nandos making me giggle
"Charlie did you just giggle?" Asked madison in shock i never giggle
I blushed
"HURRY UP" shouted niall
Most people wanted to go in my ferrari but Zayn wanted to go on my motorbike which i allowed as he had one of his own.
Once i got in my car with Harry and Louis I took down the roth of my convertable and started the lovely red car.
"I can not believe Liam's sister has a motor bike i mean Liam is daddy direction!" Declared Louis
"He always acts like a dad, he and Maddie grew up to quick but i remain a kid at heart" i stated as i picked up the speed to be a tiny bit over the speed limit but not enough to be pulled over.
We arrived at nandos somehow before niall so i took out my nandos black card.
"You have one of those as well i thought it was only niall" harry stated making me laugh
"I come here a bit not that much i mean like only five times a week"
"ONLY that is more then Niall" harry exclaimed as we walked in
We got a private boothe where nobody would see the celebrities that my brother calls his band.
A waitress came over "hey charlie do you want your usual wait a minute what are doing with Niall's friends?"
Harry and louis laughed at how she recognised me and them as Niall's friends.
"Hey nelly, Niall is coming he and my brother are friends but niall doesn't drive as fast as me he is so slow"
"O because usually when he and his friends come in seperate cars its who ever is in this gays car " she pointed to louis "who is slower" this made me laugh
"Your slower at driving then Niall?" I scoffed at louis
"Most people are you drive insanely fast charlotte"
I glared at him"nelly can i borrow a stake knife"
Harry laughed until nelly spoke up "she is not joking once i had to restrain her with help of her ex boyfriend and five of his muscles mates from beheading someone with a knife she stole after they just bumped into her" that shut harry up as i glared at nelly then i realised something "hey if any of you mentions i have ever had a boyfriend to Liam i will break into the kitchen for a machete."
"Why did one hurt you or something?" Louis asked quickly
"Um well no but um you see liam is extremely overprotective of me not so much madison so he says i am still to young to have a boyfriend so i have to keep them all secret and if he sees a boy so much as check me out then he is not as sensible as usual and takes on my attitude a bit, thats why he took so long to let me meet you guys he gets weird about me but its weird 'cos i am better at looking after myself then madison!" I explained quickly
"Wow i dont doubt you can look after yourself well thats really weird about liam"
"Yeah i know me and him are closer rhen with maddie even if she is my twin but i can easily look after myself as with my last ex i found him cheating on me with a bimbo so somehow he ended up in hospital and he was in a coma for one day" i hid my face as i spoke
"Wow you are scary" exclaimed Harry
"It would be way worse if Liam knew he is really weird about me"
They all agreed not to say anything so we placed our orders still waiting on Nialls slow driving
Zayn was even slower and so i was worried about my beautiful red motorbike.
Eventually they all did arriveand i rushed put to check my baeuty for any scratches.
"What not trust me?" Zayn asked
"When it comes to something she cares about she doesnt trust anyone" exclaimed liam
"Actually i trust a load of my mates with my bike i just have to get to know them first" i responded.
"Hey nelly" niall said when she brought me, harry and louis our food making those two laugh again
"Whats funny" niall asked
"Just that we realised who else Charlie is like and what liam was going on about" harry said
"Yeah but other than being like me and the other person who shall remain nameless cough cough Niall cough cough" i glared as louis continued "she is really scary"
My glare relaxed and turned into a smirk "aww louis afraid of a girl four years younger then you?"
"Well after the stories nelly has told us about you can you blame him?" Asked harry
"Charlie you haven't lost your temper in public again have you" Liam growned and i blushed
"Why would that be so bad" asked an oblivius Zayn
"Well if she really loses it takes like ten really strong people just stop her from murdering someone at she loses it really easily" Madison explaned making me shrink in my seat blushing
"But she looks so innoscent blushing and she acts cute" Niall said looking up from the menu even though he seemed to have it memorised
Liam glared at him when he called me cute and i laughed as he called me innoscent
"Why does the conversation keep turning to me" i said trying to stop liam from killing Niall
"Well you seem to have the most intresting personality" said Harry
I blushed and took out my handbag to get some cherries.
"Really, carring cherries on your person louis doesnt even do that with carrots!" Zayn said making me blush even more
"Thats a great idea i need bigger pocket" louis thought excitely outloud
Everyone laughed and it wasnt about me YAY!
I just happened to have a few carrots in my bag because if i ran out of cherries carrots were a good alternative so i threw him one.
"You dont need to carry them when your with me i got you covered". I said and everyone except louis laughed again but he was too busy kissing it.
"Why do you have carrots?" Niall asked
"If i run out of sausage rolls after running out of cherries i eat them 'cos they are the next best thing!" I said happily

What do ya think is it going alright??????????????

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