BriLiam, my brother and my loves (FINISHED)

This is my first one direction fan fiction please comment what you think!
I am writing two other one direction fan fictions now as well on my profile (one is a group story) and i am also writing a group story on another profile so I might forget to update so please comment!

Chapter 100

The final chapter

"Charlie was a beautiful girl, she was always insecure yet she had no reason to be" The boy with empty eyes spoke as he looked across the church not letting his eyes set in anything.
"She was strong and independant" many people had tears in their eyes and outside the building where the man with empty eyes spoke was hundreds of people displaying emotions so similar to those inside as they lay down flowers.
"Her death was a tragedy"
"It shouldn't have happened" nobody could argue with a word he said.
"The person she cared most about broke when it happened. Not only was she killed but many souls were killed along with her. Like mine" sobbed the biys. His eyes no longer showing emptiness but pouring with pain. "SHE SHOULDN'T BE DEAD SHE WAS TO YOUNG TO DIE!" He broke down as his knees gave way and he crashed to the floor. Two boys from the congregation, also sobbing, jumped up to help the dead girls brother to his feet. Liam Payne couldn't bear the thought that his sister was dead.
"I was meant to die first" he whispered his voice croaking, "why couldn't it be me"
"Because Charlie wanted to save you" a deep voice spoke as it's owner helped Liam into a chair.
"What about Louis then? WHY DID HE DIE?" Liam yelled. He was falling apart. He lost his sister then soon after he lost a brother.
The deep voiced boy stopped. He closed his eyes. His best friend. Gone. The girl he had fallen for gone. Everyone was gone.
"Why Harry why?" Sobbed Liam.
"He was too in love" harry's deep voice croaked as his voice cracked. He knew that Louis must have loved Charlie even more then he for when Charlie died henstopped functioning. He stopped eating. He could never sleep because when he woke up Louis would bawl that all he could see was Charlie's eyes as she died. He couldn't even sing anymore.
But truth be told none of them could. Not yet anyway.
One Direction was over. There was only four of them. They couldn't go on without Louis. The boy who always could bring smiles to anyones faces.
The worst thing was that of all of them to fall into depression it was him. The boy who would always smile and get a smile out of everyone else. The one person who they thought would never die.
Liam was devastated. Harry was in shreds. Zayn was crying silently. Louis was dead. And Niall was no where to be seen. He wasn't allowed to the funeral. He would only scream that Louis killed himself and he didn't deserve sympathy. Everyone knew he was jealous of Louis now if they hadn't know it before but he would insist he took the easy way out and he can't have loved Charlie when he did that to himself. Charlie had told Louis to keep her heart safe and Louis just let it die with him.
It was over.
Nothing would be the same again as all over the world people mourned for the pop star, the athlete, the band.
Nobody would ever forget Charlotte Payne. Nobody could forget the pain her death brought. Nobody could forget how brave she was or how when she died she helped lead to Madison's arrest. Madison was locked up for the rest of her life always on medication and nobody would visit her.


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