BriLiam, my brother and my loves (FINISHED)

This is my first one direction fan fiction please comment what you think!
I am writing two other one direction fan fictions now as well on my profile (one is a group story) and i am also writing a group story on another profile so I might forget to update so please comment!

Chapter 1

This is me!

I was laying in bed on my iPad checking out twitter for any updates from my friends when my brother shouted at me "CHARLOTTE GO TO BED AND TURN OFF THAT HORRIBLE MUSIC"
"Call me charlie and i might actually think about it" i shouted back while turning 'glad you came' by the wanted up to annoy Liam.
Thats right i am Charlotte Payne, one of Liam Payne's little sisters but call me charlotte or little and i will brake your leg as long as i am not tired. Don't believe me? Ask Liam he has had quite a few a&e visits because he doesn't like calling me charlie.
He and his band who i have not actually met yet hate the wanted because they are their competition so i started liking them just to annoy my brother.
He is only two years older then me but he acts like hes are dad all the time 'cos our real dad was never around.
Me and madison were identical and could easily fall you as to who was who but our personalities are so different. She basically was a goody two shoes and would do anything Liam says and like him is too grown up for her age , i how ever liked keeping the kid in me alive!
"Ugh you are so annoying liam call me Charlie and give me some cherries and i will turn the wantd off and go to sleep."
Liam was stressing because i was finally meeting the rest of his band tomorrow and he wanted me on my best behavior so he caved! Yeah in your face
Yeah yeah i am seventeen but i dont care like i said i am a child at heart!
He came into my room with a nice big box of cherries from costco. One problem thats enough to last me like five secounds. Yeah when it comes to cherries i can not stop eating them. Liam says if there was no cherries left in the world i would die from starvation form not eating enough but the thought of no cherries gives me nightmares! They are my babbies.
"Here" he sulked because he hated caving but i am more stuborn then him and he wants to make a good impression on his bandmates.
I turned off the rubbish music (i never said i actually like the wanted i just pretended to, because it pissed liam off)
And i ripped the packet open eating all the cherries quickly
"Watch out you dont swallow the stones" liam laughed at my messy eating.
Although i was more rebellius liam got on better with me then madison.
"So are your bandmates hot at all" i asked slyly
He rolled his eyes at me "your too young to date anyone and if any of them make a move on you i am splitting up the band and beeting them into oblivion" thats right liam just 17 is too youg to date rolls my eyes you would never guess he is slightly overprotective would you?
He doesnt know that i have had lots of boyfriends i just always go to their houses so liam doesnt find out.
For some reason all the boys try flrting with me when liam is not around.
I am actually quite ugly i have brown wavy hair that goes just past my shoulders and i tgink i am fat (even though all my friends say that i am already anerexic) they are just weird i guess.
"Lee-yum i am 17 you started dating danielle when you were my age stop being so dramatic!"
He rolled his eyes at me again "right they are not hot but please stay away from Harry he is the biggest flirt i know"
I laughed at my brother and put the now empty box of cherries in my pile of ten boxes form the last two days.
You would never guess i have been cutting down. I also have a problem with sausage rolls but not as bad.
"Liam i am not tired and i wont be able to get to sleep"
He rolled his eyes again, when he is around me he tends to rolls his eyes alot and get very overprotective. He doesnt with madison she has had twenty boyfriends that he knows about, it is so unfair!
"Come on Charlie you have to get up early to meet the boys"
"I will go to sleep if you lay here with me and watch toy story" okay so i am like Liam in some ways thats how we get on so well we are so different but like the same things so i know he knows i don't really like the wanted but it stills annoys him.
He smiled at me and he could never say no to toy story. "I knew there was a reason your my sister" i smirked at me.
I turned on my 52'' tv. Yeah you hear right, Liam bought it with the money from being in his band.
You may wander how i went two years without meeting any of them but Liam was to scared of one of them liking me or madison and more of me being embarrassing because i know quite a few of his secrets but after a lot of annoying him he eventually gave in.
I turned the smart tv to favourites and up came toy story as number one. We actually fall asleep together watching it like once a week.
He crawled into bed next to me and i clicked play.
By know i knew every single line off by heart but i still loved it.
When the songs came on Liam would sing along like always with his amazing voice.
He would always try to get me to sing with him but nobody has ever heard me sing. It is too embarrassing because here i am being Liam's little sister with his amazing voice and i sounded horrible.
Eventually we both fell asleep snuggled up closely together.

I woke up to a flash and the sound of a camera.
Liam jumped up and grabbed madison and deleted the picture. This is a weekly occurrence but i as always just snuggled deeper under my duvet and start falling back to sleep until liam and madison jumped on me.
They do rhis all the time so i just ignored the and snuggked even deeper.
"If you dont get up now you will never get any cherries again" liam whispered in my ear.
And as always that was what got me up.
I ran out of my bedroom and sped to the kitchen a grabbed as many boxes as possible and put them in my protective grip.
"MINE" i screamed
Liam and madison walked over to me laughing their heads off.
After a while they got me to relax out of my protective stance and put them down but it took some time i must say.
"The boys will be here in half an hour" Liam said
I screamed "your only giving me half an hour to get ready why didn't you get me up earlier before running to the bathroom and having a quick shower. (Well quick in my books usually they took half an hour but seeing as Liam only gave me half an hour to get ready i took only ten minutes)
I dried off and ran through to my room with the towel wrapped around me before throwing my clothes all over the place to find something nice to wear.
Eventually i settled on my favourate tee from primarrk which had red and white stripes with no sleves just thin straps along with my lovely red skinny jeans, red converses and my 'brilliam' red hollister boyfriends cardigan.
I then got out my concealer, masacra, eyeliner and everything else i needed but kept it toned down not having time to take long.
I checked the time and they were 'spose to be here twenty minutes ago, ergo i was 'spose to be ready twenty minutes ago. Liam is going to have a few rounds of rolling his eyes today.
I will tell you a secret if you do not tell anyone okay? Well i actually know what all of liam bandmates look like not thatliam knows i do. I have a screen wall that liam thinks is real because liam has not seen my room without is but behind it is all of the merchendise there is in the world of the band. It is my dirty little secret nobody knows!
So before i left i had to make sure it was firmly inplace otherwise the boys might think i am a creep.
I domt exactly know much abput them though all i know is what they look like basically. So you cant exactly call me a directioner.
I heard somebody shout that they are hungry then i heard liams unmistakable shout "no not those niall if you eat one you will die a painfull death"
I knew what item of food straight away he was talking about i screamed and ran out my room to find the short blonde with blue eyes eating MY cherries.
Everyone but the boy turned to me but he ate more.
I charged at him knocking him to the floor and i started strangling him until Liam pulled me off.
All the boys were standing their in shock while liam restrained me and the blonde dude tried to catch his breath
"I warned you Niall, not the cherries, she is worse the louis and his carrots"
The guy who must be niall slowly nodded still in shock and liam slowly let me go.
I straight away ran for my cherries and got in a protective stance.
Madison and liam rolled their eyes at me.
"So that freak i call a sister is charlotte do not mess with her cherries"
The boys laughed and i glared at them all especially Liam
"Call me a freak i am happy to be a frek it means i am unique but call me charlotte and i will snap you necks" i growled
"So then what is your name" asked a boy with a blue strippy top like mine but woth sleves
"Call me charlie" i replied while still guarding my cherries.
Liam and madison laughed at me.
"Right so this is Harry remember what i said about him, zayn, niall please dont kill him just yet or the fans wont be happy and finnally louis who you are acting very alika at the moment and alot of the lime but sometime you act like another member i wont say who yet i will let the other guess" liam babbled but i noticed he was very seruis when he reminded me what he said about Harry.
"Hey what did you say about me" harry demanded
"Liam here said that you.." I was cut off by Liam covering my mouth to stop me from going on
The boys all laughed especially Niall.
Eventually after the conversation had moved on my mouth was uncovered.
And i was released.
"So are you saying i act like her" louis asked liam making everyone laugh
"YES" everyone else shouted while i ran around and started doing push ups randomly
"What is she doing" asked zayn who had not spoken yet
"Well she um she is letting enery out because i had her trapped in spot for one monute which is too long for her to stay still for"
Everyone laughed and i glared before jumping up
"So have youbguys met madison" i said try to turn the attention off me
"We have been here for half an hour and your sister here was in here when we arrived where were you before niall got hungry?" Harry asked
I blushed "she was choosing what to wear she just got up an hour ago after we threatened her cherries" everyone laughed and i blushed more as madison explaned
"Shut up what are we doing lets go to nandos" i spoke quickly
"NANDOS" Niall screamed and everyone laughed once again
I skipped to the front door after niall ran to the car. And sung "we are off to see the nandos the wondrful nandos of london."
Louis joined in and linked arms with me then i grabbed liam and forced him to join in and harry joined in but without linking as he skipped behind and i could have sworn he was staring at me butt. Zayn linked with harry being totally oblivius to why harry was really behind, i was glad liam didnt know either.

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