Journal of a demon princess

ca't think of anything to put... too lazy to anyway...

Chapter 1

Hey journal.... my 'normal' life isn't so normal after all

My life changed that day. Rodney saved me... saved me from the hell I didn't know I was in...

For starters, my name is Shiloh. You may know me as Princess Shiloh of the high council of demons. That's right, I'm a Mother fvckin' princess! GET OVER IT! I know every girl out there want's to be a princes, find a prince, live in a castle, and get a happily ever after. It ain't like that in real life sweet cheeks, get over it. wait.... WHY ARE YOU READING THIS!? WHO GAVE YOU PERMISSION!? If you continue, I will kill you in your sleep later, if you put this down you get a cookie!

So, you didn't want the cookie. You want to find out more about me. Hey, It's your funeral.

It all started on my 13th birthday....
"Princess Shiloh! Princess Shiloh!" I opened my eyes to see A servent of my fathers trying to wake me up. "what does daddy want now?" He never see's me in person. Only days that he finds that he has more time than he thought.. his fault for keeping me in my room 24/7 with 24/7 gaurd protection. "Your father wishes for you to bathe before he visits you today. He says he has a surprise for you." I looked up and blinked. "Bathe? can't you say take a bath like a normal person... or a shower?" She looked at me and blushed "I'm sorry Princess, those were your fathers exact words!" I sighed and got up. "Prepare the Bath." Was all I said before she ran off. I looked out of my window and hugged my knee's. Typical day. I saw the lower class kids play outside, smiles on their faces, laughing... One fell down, she looked so upset. A man came up to her and cradled her in his arms. Tears filled my eyes at how much my heart ached to be with them... to be them. "Princess, your Bath is ready."

Since I don't know if a guy is reading this, no Bath scene for you!

After my bath I put on a plain golden dress, and sit by the window again. I see the little girl is still playing with her friends, when she stops to turn around and runs into the man that picked her up earlier's arms. she the laughed and they danced together. "Shilo- what is wrong my dear?" uh-oh, I didn't hear daddy come in. "N-nothing is the matter father." He holds out his arms like the man did outside. "dad, I'm 13, I'm to old to hug my father." He looked a litle hurt. "You're never to old for a hug Shiloh, one day when I'm not around anymore, you'll wish you hugged me every chance you got." I looked over to him. "if you visited more, I might hug you more." He looked even more hurt. "You know why I can't visit often dea-" I cut him off with a snarl. "DON'T call me dear, I'm not your dear, I'm Shiloh!" He looked to the point of tears. "Why have you gotten so bitter?" I couldn't control my feelings anymore, he had to know how I felt. "I heard a gaurd talking daddy! You locked me up in my room because you're embaressed of me!" He clenched his fist. "That's not true, I'm trying to protect you Shiloh!"
"Protect me from what? You're protecting yourself dad!"
"I'm doing this for you!"
"But why, I never asked for this! I want to be free! I want to-"
"You're a half-breed Shiloh!"
He said that. He seriously just said that. "I-I'm a... halfbreed?" He looked as if I shot him through the heart. "Shiloh..." My world grew black.

I woke up what appeared to be hours later. The whole castle was silent. Must be the middle of the- wait, the castle is silent? I crept quietly over to my door to hear the gaurd asleep. This was my chance! I walked over to my window and quietly opened it, not waning to make a sound. I tie my dresses together to form a rope and creep silently out the window. It felt so good to be outside again. To fell the wind flowing through my hair. I finally reached the bottom and jumped to meet the ground. It felt so good to stand in the dirt again! But wait... what if Daddy catches me? I can't go back to my room, and... I'm a halfbreed. I shouldn't even be living right now. I ripped my dresses from where they where so tightly tied to my bed and they fell to the ground. I gathered them up, then headed out the front gate. Funny, every gaurd seems to be asleep tonight. After I walked outside of the kingdom walls, I ran as fast as I could. not caring about what I ran into or what just ripped a hole in my dress. i wasn't going to be a prisoner,I wasn't going to be an embaressment, I'm not going to be a princess... I'm going to be Shiloh.

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