The Chase

So ths is a story about a bunch of kids who find out they have powers. For various reasons they have run away from home, only to mysteriously meet each other. So enough they find out they are being chased and they must find a safec place......and answers, before its too late.

Chapter 53

Ivy Rose

After we decided we would have to find someone with powers similar to ours, we called it a night. It has been a long day after all. I sighed as I sat there, braiding my hair, tying it with a vine at the end before looking at everyone to see themselves getting ready too. Tiredly, we mumbled good night before laying down on the ground. My ear brushing soft grass as I looked up to the starlit night sky.

It was quiet and soon my eyes dropped and closed.

I became surrounded by a dream.

I watched in horror as fire erupted around me. Burning and scorching my skin. I screamed out in pain as I sunk to the ground, suffering.

This would be my end.

I was prone to die in fire.

"Ivy" A voice stated, pulling me away from smoke. My eyes adjusted to the smokeless surrounding, only to be met by a pair of two blue eyes. Duke. He smiled and held me close by my waist and pushed ashes from the fire out of my hair.

"That one was a close one Ivy."

But before I could smile, and answer. Something felt off, as I faintly caught Duke's eyes shifting in color, but I didn't care. He looked too much like a person of my past.

I woke up, the night was cold and dark. Everyone was still asleep. I wasn't sure what to do so I stood up and quietly made my way to a rock, just outside of where everyone was sleeping.

It was quiet and I just sat there thinking, while everything slept.

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