The Chase

So ths is a story about a bunch of kids who find out they have powers. For various reasons they have run away from home, only to mysteriously meet each other. So enough they find out they are being chased and they must find a safec place......and answers, before its too late.

Chapter 3

Kara May

"I wonder if she knows I'm cheating on her. . . I'll pick up flowers. . . She can't possibly. . ."
I passed the nervous businessman as I walked down the crowded sidewalk.
Using my shoulder to push the door of the library open, I entered and made my way to the back.
"Good morning Kara." Mrs. Brooks called to me knowing I wouldn't reply.
She only knows my name because of my library card.
At first she was very suspicious, hated me. Thought I was trouble.
But she's learned to except that all I do is sit and read for hours, though she still finds it odd.
I pulled a random novel from the shelves and tucked myself into a table.
Not even bothering to read the title I opened to a random page and closed my eyes, reaching out with my mind, searching for someone close by.
I soon found a woman in the nail salon two buildings down.
"I can't believe it's only a day away! We'll be happily married and nobody will care. Mother wont know until we're gone. I've always known I'd elope. . . I hope James is happy. . . I hope he's not doing this for me. Of course he is! There's nothing wrong with that. . . he loves me. . . he understands. . ."
"Ugghhh." I groaned out loud in disgust.
"Table of contents annoying you?"
I whirled around to see a boy standing over my shoulder.
"Can I help you?" I snapped. Closing the book and moving my chair away from the table.
I started to stand when he reached out and stopped me.
"No need to leave, don't let me scare you away. I just found your interest in astrology quite curious."
"Is this some cheesy pick-up line? Because I hate to burst your bubble but I'm not really interested." I tried standing again but he put his hand on my shoulder, pushing me back into my seat.
"Well, as disappointing as that is no. . . I meant your book." He grinned and pointed down to the novel in my hand, "Self learning course in ancient astrology?"
"Oh umm. . ." I struggled to find an explanation for the book.
He stared at me questioningly.
"Would you mind?" I shrugged his hand off my shoulder and pushed my way past him, moving to stand in the small hallway between shelves.
"She's cute."
"Really I'm flattered but i need to go. . ."
"Maybe if I ask her to a movie. . .or. . ."
"No thanks. I don't really like movies. . ."
His face scrunched awkwardly.
Crap. I thought.
"You know what I changed my mind. Come with me."
I grabbed his hand and pulled him into one of the isles. He reluctantly followed his face still twisted in confusion.
I turned to face him and looked straight into his eyes.
I reached out for his memory.
Pictures flashed before me, but I paid no attention until I saw him enter the library. . . bingo I thought and I pushed further into the memory.
The door shut behind me. . . or him I suppose. . . as he walked inside and to the desk where Mrs. Brooks sat stacking papers.
"Excuse me miss. . . where are the science books?" He rocked back and fourth on his feet as he waited for her reply.
"Oh those should be in the back right corner." She smiled at him and returned to her work. He turned away and trudged towards the back of the library. He turned a corner and saw a grey haired girl sitting at the table. . . her eyes closed. . . I pulled the memory towards me, focusing on my image. Slowly, I started to fade. . . an empty chair . . . then grey. . . No! Wait! An empty fog started to suck the room away. . . faster and faster other pictures poured into the void. . . No, no!
I snapped away from his mind. In front of me the boy started to slump. His body hit the ground and blood poured from his nose and mouth.
"No!" I rushed forward and grabbed his wrist.
His pulse was gone. . . he was gone. I went too far again.
I had to leave.
Standing up I turned away from the boy and walked to the front of the library. . .
Act calm. . . I tried my best not to look nervous as I passed Mrs. Brooks and shoved myself out the door.
I stumbled out onto the sidewalk and spotted a bus on the corner, ready to pull away.
"Wait!" I called out and jogged towards the bus.
The driver held the doors as I practically tripped my way up the stairs and dropped my pass into the slot.
I walked towards the back, finding two empty seats and slumping into the one near the window.
I closed my eyes and willed the guilt to come.
But it didn't.
It never does.
I almost felt guilty, for not feeling guilty. But it seemed to be an emotion I didn't possess.

When I opened my eyes it was dark. I was the only one left on the bus besides the driver. I saw the old man glance into his mirror and see me puzzled and awake.
"I didn't know when to wake you." He mumbled. "But this is my last stop. Farthest into the country I go."
"This is fine." I stood and slowly fade my way towards the front of the bus, my legs not fully awake.
The driver looked concerned but didn't question me as I tumbled out of the bus into the cold air.
Crickets chirped in the brush by the roadside.
I watched the bus doors close and rumble away, leaving me in the dark.
An old farmhouse barely stood, bare and gloomy.
I turned for the trees. The woods.

Two hours later, exhausted and confused, I dropped to the ground.
I leaned against a mossy tree and closed my eyes again.
This time, instead of guilt, I willed direction.
What do I do? Where do I go?
Again. Nothing came.
So I let myself fall into deep sleep. Hoping I had better luck in the morning.

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