The Chase

So ths is a story about a bunch of kids who find out they have powers. For various reasons they have run away from home, only to mysteriously meet each other. So enough they find out they are being chased and they must find a safec place......and answers, before its too late.

Chapter 2

Raven Stone

I sat down on the small rock by the lake, and pulled out my phone. 47 missed calls and 96 texts from mother. I smirked as I pulled off the blond wig, letting my name-sake hair fall around me. It was working, they were finally thinking about me; they were finally realizing I was real. My phone beeped again. Looking down, I held my breath. It read 'Seeing as you don't want to be around anymore, we are clearing out your room. Goodbye bjich. Mom.' Letting my breath out, a small tornado danced over the sandy banks, before hurtling across the water and into the forest beyond.
I stared into the lake, so this was it? They were finally getting rid of me for good. No point me pretending. Reaching a hand near my eye, I drew another breath as I took the blue contact lenses from my hazel-green eyes. Sighing, I dropped them into the lake. 183ft down, no one would ever find them. So who cared if I put them there?
I feel flat onto my back as the swirl of wind came back to me. "Alright, alright." Touching it slightly, I filled small globes of light; which I call stars, with the pale blue wind. Crushing it, I scattered the powdery dust onto the surface water. A image of me formed. Skin dark and tan, hair straight and black as ravens, muscles usually taught and ready to fight, slumped in a sitting position. Eyes hazel soft and lime green strong. But sad: broken.
Splashing the water, it moved to the next image. The forest mountains, to the north. I felt calm pour over me. I always felt pulled to those mountains; now more than ever. The image move onto a very small cabin, hidden by trees and foliage.
Next was inside this small dank cabin. I smiled in amazement as I took in the glorious inside. A large kitchen, very modern and simple. Plain mahogany table for six. An adjoining main living area. With black marble fireplace, already set. 70 inch plasma flat screen, with high definition and blue tooth. A large, and I bet comfortable, brown u-shaped leather couch. Surrounding the room were large ash and oak cabinets; all of them empty. There were also 5 or 6 oak desks with dark red padded chairs. Both desks and cabinets backed up to dark cream walls. I notice, that the wall with the TV and fireplace, was a cream wallpaper. With parts of blue, brown and black.
I let my lips part in awe as I saw the staircase. It was like those you find in the old movies. Starting in the middle of a hall, and spiraling softly upwards. Near the bottom was a bathroom. All black and white. Looking once more at the staircase I see a hallway.
The water flashes to the hall. 2 more bathrooms. Both black and white again. And 6 other rooms; bedrooms. But this time, I can't see inside. On each door was a sign, 5 of them said available. But the last on the right, said taken. Flashing again, the water brought me into the room, beside the bed. There was a boy about my age, lying asleep. His pale blonde hair waving in the wind, the baby blue sheets pulled tightly around him. You would think he was just asleep, but looking closer, I see the bruises on his neck; the pain around his lips; and the worry lines etched into the corners of his eyes. I feel a pain stab through me; those were lines I recognize all to well. Ones of pain caused by family, one of the pain of never being loved for who you were: instead of what you were and what you looked like.
Wiping away the star dust, I decide to go find this cabin, to friend this boy, and because I really need a place to stay. Placing a hand on the surface of the lake, it starts to freeze. All the way over; stepping onto it, small smooth ice-skates form on me shoes. Made of ice.
Stopping on the other side; only for a while, I pull in all the ice, storing it up for some other day. Turning, I take in what am I doing. I am rushing through to a cabin which is insanely huge on the inside. And towards a boy I don't know. A boy I feel so much pity and understanding for. Would I ever turn back? No. Would I let him know I understood? Maybe. Would I care for him? Always. Would I tell him I saw him there? Never. Could I say why I was going? No.

Reaching the house I twist the handle on the door and step inside. I smile as it seems so much more beautiful than when you saw it through the star dust. Walking slowly up the stairs, I can hear the boy breathing softly on the tongue of wind that was passing through the house, and past my ears. Reaching the start of the hall, I can see that all the other doors are still available. And that his was open still also. Peering in, I can see him lying there, facing the white and dark indigo wall now. His grip on the sheets has weakened. He had relaxed. For now.
Turning away from the room, something catches my eye; there is a black raven feather in the keyhole of the door, directly across the hall from the boys. Walking towards it, the feather twitches further into the keyhole; this room was obviously for me, opening the door, I grin impishly as the room is perfect. Deep green walls, brown and ice blue bed sheets. Some of the drawers were open; filled with my own clothes. Amazing.
Changing from my muddy sweat pants and sweater, to old bleached shorts and a sea-weed green tank, I climb under the soft ice blue comforter on the bed. Sighing at the comfort and luxury, a small wind rolls across the hall; into the boys room. He stirred slightly and rolled over, facing the door. And me.

I close my eyes, not caring that I had left both doors open, that when we woke up we would probably be looking straight at each other, not knowing where we were, or who we were looking at, and fell into a dream less sleep.

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