The Chase

So ths is a story about a bunch of kids who find out they have powers. For various reasons they have run away from home, only to mysteriously meet each other. So enough they find out they are being chased and they must find a safec place......and answers, before its too late.

Chapter 1

Tyler Hutan

Her face keeps poping into my head as I trudge away from town. "why Alyssa." I asked her.
"Tyler, whhy what/ You know I love you." she replied. But i could see the persperation on her forehead.
It was the same old story, I fell in love with a girl only to find out she only loved me back for my looks. "Well I'm tired of love!"
As a flock of ducks take air I realized I screamed aloud. But I don't care, no one can hear me.
No one ever cares either. Its always, "Well look at you Tyler, you'll get aother girl!" or "Oh quit your complaining!" That was always dad who said that though. He's a huge reason I ran away, I can still hear his thunderous voice, " Why cant you do any thng right Tyler! You the reason your mother walked out!" I remeber flinching from his words fearing the blows that i knew were to come, But I hadn't gotten beat any where that a bruise could visibly be seen since i was 6 and started going to school. It was always somewhere that would be covered by clothing. I realize that I've been shackiong this whole time. I feel my face go hot in shame, 'im afriad of my dad.'
I hear the snap of a twig and quickly duck behind a tree, poking my head out just enough to see, s a rabit hops acrossthe trail.
"Just a fricken bunny." I mutter aloud.I look around and notice I've gone farther than I thought, I dont know this part of the woods, Oh well Ithink as I continue heading north.Out of nowhere a get a strong urge to turn to my right and head that way. I think nothing of it and do so. Before Iknow it Im runnng hard and fast, zig zaging around trees, triping and falling numerous times, treading through water and various other things. With the muscles in my legs burning I drop to my knees to catch my breath. I look up and see a small clearly empty cabin, i head over and go inside, glad to find its unlocked. My eyes go wide and I step back out side. Yeah just a small little cabin. But when i go back inside the thing is huge. Big Kitchen with huge table, a large main area eqiped with fireplace, flat screen tv, u-couch, and a bunch of cabinets(filled with who knows what), I see a door ajar and inside is an awesome bathroom. There's a huge grand stair case so i go up. I find 2 more bathrooms and six bed rooms. On each of the bed room doors is a sign that says availible. I look at the back of it and its says taken, so i go to the room at the end, flip the sign, go inside and fall to the bed asllep. I dont even take the time to look a the room.

ok i hope you liked it! Sorry its so short, but I have a case of wirters block. Enjoy the rest of the story! Oh and note to the other characters, please title your chapter with your characters name! THANKS!

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