Forest Warriors ::: Role Play

Forest Warriors ::: Role Play

I'm looking for people to join my Warrior Cats Role Play.

Chapter 1

The founding of the Clans

Sunfur let out a long sigh.

The four cats had just settled down after weeks of traveling to find the place they'd all been shown in their dreams, but already it seemed they'd begun to fight.
Starclan had told them all that there would be four clans, but seeing as they'd all gotten on so well while traveling they'd decided to stick together, at least until they had more members.

"But it's obvious" Jayfeather sighed, like he'd explained this a hundred times already, "there are many cats in Starclan so it must be that they reside in the stars," he indicated the sky with his tail.

Sunfur shook her head, "those lights in the sky are too weak to be the mighty power of Starclan, the sun is like one giant star with all the power of our ancestors combined, it is the sun!"

Jayfeather shook his head and rolled his eyes while Sunfur raised her hackles and hissed at him.

"I agree with Suncloud," Spiritstorm lifted her tail, glancing carefully between the other two, "It does make more sense..." She trailed off, glancing around to the only one of them that hadn't spoken yet.

Snowfoot groomed her tail thoughtfully, looking up at the sky.

It was the time of day when both the stars, moon and sun were hovering in the sky. She reflected on all of them then glanced at Jayfeather.
"I agree with Jayfeather, we need to think of our ancestors as individuals and not one large single energy."

Sunfur was about to argue back then held her tongue and shook her head, "this is what Starclan told us would happen... we can't all be leaders, we need to form our own clans..."

Jayfeather nodded in agreement, "We will all become leaders of our own clans... Me and Snowfoot's names will end in 'Star' to show how we honor Starclan."

"Then our names should end in something that represents the sun, like the stars show the moon..." Spiritstorm reflected,

"Cloud" Sunfur finished, "The clouds that surround the sun, we will be like them until we join Starclan."


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