Read If You Care

Chapter 1

I don't know anymore.

I know, this roads a long one,
I know your love for me is done.
I know I'm the guy on his own,
Not one to groan.
Hiding who I am,
Nothin' but empty spam.
Slit wrists,
Clenched fists.
Bloodstained walls,
Painful falls.
Tempers gone wild,
Try and protect the child.
See the innocent eyes,
Hear their pained cries.
Not let go of their hand,
Kickin' the land.
Tears of ice,
Nothin' nice.
Heart of stone,
Nothing but a pained moan.
I know it's hard to hang on by your bitten fingernails,
I know you hear the dead's wails.
I know you need to leave,
I'm tryin' to believe,
That I won't hurt you,
But I don't trust myself, true.
It's you.
I love you...



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