Tell me....

This is yet another song I wrote for a friend.

Plain text is the singer, and bold is the back up singer(s).

Sorry if it doesn't all rhyme. Because of coarse, it doesn't have too.

Chapter 1

I hate this song, but I might as well share.

Tell me you hear the bell ringin’ through town, ringing across the town
Tell me you see the shadows pulling me down,
Tell me you taste the death coming uptown, our death is coming down
Tell me you smell the copper of your crown,
Tell me I’m not loosing my mind, already lost, so what now?
Cause you’re the one who never left me behind,
You used to keep me in your heart, but not anymore
But now she’s pulling us apart.

You are the only one, who can tell me,
You’re the only one I’ll believe, believe
You’re the only one, who can make me see,
This is something only we can conceive, we’re the only ones who understand

Closing in, catching at my throat, fire everywhere
Don’t leave me another note,
Hear that little song on the wind, her song
It’s the thing that’s making you blind,
From the love that stands here, not that girl over there
I guess all I have to say is I love you,
Or am I not loud, can you not hear? why would you?
But I guess it’s like the morning dew.

There when you don’t want me, coarse I am
And gone when you do.
Same with you, so true
So I’m no the only one at blame.
I’m going to set you aflame. like she did to me
Then we’ll have our final goodbye,
But I guess that’s not good enough. never is

Goodbye, my little boy,
I’m the last person your gonna see.
Before the fire consumes you. then the blade’ll hit my wrist
You though you could leave,
You thought you could hide.
But I’ll say hello to you in hell. goodbye for now, my little boy

Tell me, am I mad?


Give me an opinion please. I would like to know.


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