Dear James

This is an original story written by myself. I wrote it in November back but only just got round to posting it because I was unsure of what the response would be. I'm sorry if you think it's too short. Also, please post me constructive criticism in the comment section so I can improve and don't worry if it sounds too harsh- I'm very thick-skinned! Hope you like it! Comment and rate!

Chapter 1

Dear James

Dear James,
I know you won't want to hear from me, but I thought I should write this letter to you, I think it's important you know what's going on. I'll start off with telling you about Nathan- I was told it would be better for me to get over you if I had a boyfriend, so Lewis (my counsellor) introduced me to Nathan and we're boyfriend and girlfriend now. But Nathan isn't special- he's not you. He's not as funny, not as sweet, not as kind, not as cute and I know he doesn't love me as much as you did. I don't love him. I'm his girlfriend, yes, but that doesn't mean I love him. When he holds me, his hands don’t feel right. When he kisses me, his lips feel like strangers every time. I don't love him, I can't.
Life has been difficult since what happened. I feel lonely, like a part of me was you and now you’re not here I feel empty. I know it sounds too cliche but it's true. But sometimes I feel like you are here, watching me, standing right next to me, in the bed next to me. I hear your voice sometimes. It’s always echoes of what happened that night. I remember all the words spoken, all the things said. When I lie in bed at night and close my eyes I can see different scenes all over again. I remember you exactly- the sparkle in your eyes, the way your hair would fall across your face like a black curtain that only I could see through. Do you remember the time when we were lying in the grass and I counted your freckles? You had thirteen across your nose, three on your left cheek and five on your right cheek. When we were together it was like we were living in a magical world where nothing else mattered but us.
Remembering those magical moments makes me cry when I think of what I lost that night. I regret it so badly and I hope there is a universe where I ran after when you left and begged you to come back or maybe one when I called out to you when I heard the car and saved you. I wish I could take back time somehow and make you walk on the pavement instead of the road, if that happened then the car would have just driven past and nothing else would have happened.
I have managed to get this far through my letter without saying the 'L' word to you but I'm going to say it now:
I love you James, I wish you were back.
Rest in peace.
Love, Hannah x


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