Beatles in the Now!

Greetings, fellow millenium-ites! It is I, Lizzie, and I'm here to inform you of great news! Somehow, someway, the almighty, influential group known as The Beatles has descended into my bungalow! I have decided to take it upon myself to expose them to our technological and fastidious ways of living! So, sit down and enjoy the show as the Fab Four try to understand the new ways of society!

Chapter 1

What On Earth is an iPhone?!

Lizzie strolls into the room with a small device. She places it on the coffee table in front of the quartet. They all mezmerizingly stare at it in shock from the couch.

John "The bloody 'ell is that?"

George "Ah! It be a fiendish thingy!"

Lizzie "No, no, no! It's a cellphone! More importantly, an iPhone! Thanks to the masterminded Steve Jobs..."

Ringo confused expression "'oo's Steve Jobs?"

John "Ironic name, isn't it, Lizzie? Jobs..." in a eloquent tone "'ello, chaps! Me name is Jobs! Be needin' one?"

The four laugh heartily. Lizzie rolls her eyes and continues.

Lizzie "Look! It stores games, contacts, even music!" glides finger across pristine screen

Paul "Ooh, ooh! Lemme see!" snatches it from the little girl's hand

George "Whaddaya mean by 'contacts'? Can't ye see with just glasses?"

Lizzie "Contacts are the numbers to reach the people you would like to talk to."

John "And ye said music?! Do ye 'appen to 'ave any of our songs on there?"

Lizzie "Well, duh...."

Paul sighs in defeat and hands the sleek gadget back to its presenter. She touches the glass and soon a sweet melodic tune carries throughout the room.

John "Aye, that sounds like me! But I don't rememba singing that!"

Lizzie "Oops!" blushes a dark shade of red and switches songs

George "Listen...Do ye want to know a secret? Do ye promise-OW!"

John "Nark it now!"

Lizzie "ANYways...These little square buttons that appear, well, those are called 'apps'!"

John "Ass?"

The guys snicker

Lizzie annoyed glare "Very cheeky, John. No, apps! You can go online and purchase them, or some are free!"

John "Free ass?! I wanna get me an iPhone now!"

Lizzie facepalms as the guys whoop.

Paul "Wait, ye said we can get them online...On what line? A clothesline?"

Ringo "No way!"

Lizzie "I guess I'll have to explain that to y'all next...Let me get my laptop..." walks out of room

George "Did she say 'laptop'?"

Paul "Aye, she did!"

John "Well, she can sit on me lap's top anyday!"

All chuckle

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