Conversations with my friends and family

Actual conversations between my friends and family. Just cause I'm bored. :P

Chapter 1

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by: Northe
On the bus, shouting random foods
Justice: Peanut butter!
Malak: Jelly!
Justice: Bread!!
Me: XD

Justice: talking about some school problem And so there this bitch was, talking -- Oooh, that is a very lovely shade of purple on that van, you see that? Anyway --
Me: Justice. You did it again.
Justice: I did, didn't I. You see, every time I do that, you have to slap me, to let me know I did that!
Me: That's not a very good idea --
Tristan: I can slap her?! Seriously?!
Me: You see what you got yourself into?
Justice: .....

Malak: slapping Tristan's face and shoulder Terrorize! Terrorize! I'm terrorizing you!
Tristan: No shit, really?
Malak: TERRORIZE, BITCH! Act fucking scared!
Tristan: Eep, eep, now get the hell out of my face.
Justice and me: XD XD

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