The Only Daughter of Artemis ~Group Story~

The Only Daughter of Artemis ~Group Story~

This is Claire (CVDB) and I's Group Story!! I didn't know what to put as the picture, so I just stuck with the Parthenon in Athens.

Comment and rate please!! :)

P.S. When I was done writing the chapter, I checked on it, and then guess what? I CLICKED ON SINGLE AUTHOR STORY instead of GROUP STORY!!! Then I had to copy and paste the story.. sigh I can be so stupid.. -_-

Chapter 1

Just The Beginning

Alexa's Point of View

There's a woman, staring right at me, with her glowing eyes. She's beautiful. She has flowing auburn hair, pretty hazel eyes. She's tall, thin, and fit like a regular woman would be. She's dressed in a white flowing dress, the wind blowing it ever so slightly. She has silver shoes on her feet, but it seems to be glowing somehow. She has a silver bow in her hand with a quiver full of silver arrows slung across her back, like a hunter.

She looks straight into my eyes and presses her hand on my cheek. "I love you. But I can't. Go to the safe haven. They're coming for you. Beware of the dangers coming your way. Be safe. Trust no one."

Then she drifts into the sky where the full moon is brightest, disappearing into the night sky.


I've been having the same dream over and over again since I turned twelve years old. I'm fourteen now, but the dreams never stopped coming. It's either that dream or an evil looking man sending monsters after me. I wish it could just stop. Whenever I wake in the morning, I always have the same question: Who was she?

I don't tell my dad about them; he'll probably think I'm crazy. Which, I might be in some cases. Besides, the woman in my dream says to trust no one. I don't know what she means by trusting who, but I'm being cautious. What she says gives me chills throughout my whole body. It makes me ask questions every second of the day. Because of that dream, I've been failing school. Why can't I get some answers and make the dream go away?

I wish I knew. It makes my life harder than usual. It's bad enough my mom vanished when I was a baby. My dad says she went in the woods one day and never came back. He never talks about it when I ask. He just tells me not to talk about it, so I don't. But I know he thinks about her. How can he not?

I want to know why. Most single parents don't have any trouble speaking about their ex-mate or deceased mate, usually, but my dad just looks shaken up when someone asks. Whatever happened when my mother went into the woods that day, I don't want to know.


"Alexa, get up! It's time to go to school!" My dad yells from the kitchen, probably drinking some coffee.

I manage to open my right eyelid, and immediately, bright sunlight is all I see. I quickly shut my eye and I'm about to doze off again when my dad yells again, "Alexa!! Hurry up!!"

I groan and sit up in my bed, both eyes open. I rub my eyes to get a better vision and then get ready for the prison called school.

In ten minutes, I'm dressed in a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black sneakers. Then I grab my coat and put it on. My dad says it was my mom's, and he wanted me to have it. He says I look a lot like her.. And the woman in my dreams looks like me too..

I shrug the idea out of my mind and grab my backpack. I go to the kitchen where my dad is reading a newspaper, probably unaware that I've entered the room.

Oops, I already dropped my backpack on the floor. My dad looks up from the paper and says, "Good morning. Eat your breakfast. Do you want me to drive you to school?"

My dad's still in his pajamas, and I don't really want him to waste time getting dressed and get me late, so I just say, "No, it's okay, I'll just walk."

I take a seat and quietly eat my eggs. I gulp down some orange juice from time to time, but other than that, I didn't drink anything.

I'm about to leave for school, but my dad is so warped into reading that I'm curious about it. I walk next to him and read the article. I have dyslexia, but it's not major like some kids from my school.

The words are too small and in a weird font so I can't make out anything. My dad sees my struggle and he says, "There's been a mass shooting near our area."

My dad's face shows fear and worry and sorrow, so all I say is, "Oh." My dad nods and I say good-bye. I walk out the door and walk to school.

On my way there, I see a middle aged man staring at me, observing me in a.. creepy way. He's wearing a black leather jacket and spiky boots, like a goth person. He has curly, oily brown hair, and I could've SWORN his eyes turned a deep shade of red.

Our eyes meet and his mouth curves up into a creepy smile, like he just figured something out.

I start walking faster and in a few minutes, I'm at school, out of that man's view. He was the same man I've seen sometimes in my dreams, the one sending monsters out to get me. Why is my life so.. messed up? If I tell anybody that I've kept getting the same dreams over and over, my dad will probably send me to a facility where scientist will study how my brain works. The very thought sends shivers up my spine.

"Alexa Connolly." Mrs. Ren calls.

I bring my head up and manage a quick "Here."

Mrs. Ren gives me a stern look and says, "I was asking you to answer my question. What is the square root of 121?"

Heat rises to my face. Well, did you have to say my last name too? It sounded like she was calling roll.

I stare at the board and my mind fills with numbers. I stutter, "Uhh-- te--eleven." There are some laughs and snickers, but I don't pay any attention.

"Correct." Mrs. Ren says. But the way she looks at me, I know she's not gonna let it go for not paying attention.

We're playing volleyball in Gym. I quickly get dressed in my gray t-shirt and black shorts and get in position in my court.

Some girls on the opposite team stare at me in a wicked way. Something registers in my mind: I've never seen them before. Like, I don't pay attention to anybody in my gym class, but occasionally I notice people from time to time, but the three girls staring at me, I know they don't belong here. Something in my gut tells me to run away from them right now, but I hold back.

The coach tosses me a ball as to indicate that I'm making the first serve. As if I didn't know that already. I roll my eyes.

The ball makes it across the net to the back of the other team, but one of the girls that were staring at me hit it and sends it back flying right at me with such force I stutter back.

I stare in disbelief at the girls. I'm known to be the strongest girl here. And yet there's a pain in my stomach where the ball hit.

"Does that count as an out?" I ask the coach angrily. She nods her head and I smirk. I get the ball and serve it with more force than before. It hits the second girl, the tallest one. But the tall girl hits it back like nothing happened.

"Hey! She cheated!" I turn back and yell at the coach.

"Well, you got hit and that was an out, and you did the same thing to them, so I guess you were kind of cheat--" The coach begins, but before she can finish, a ball hits me smack in the face.

I fall back by the force and shock of it all and look back at where the ball came from. The tall girl that got hit is smirking along with the other two girls. Then something strange happens. They're starting to shape-shift, or transform into.. these weird creatures. The girls on their team start backing away, and so do the girls on my team. I just stare in shock.

The girls now have super wrinkly skin with these gigantic bat wings. Their feet look like bird feet, and somehow their hair is missing. But I don't laugh.

"Fury!" I yell. I'm taken aback by my words, because how can I know that when I don't even know what they are?

The furies fly after me and I run for the nearest exit. I escape with the double doors that lead out but on the way, I accidentally signal the fire alarm. Great.

Anyway, I run as fast as I can out of there, but the furies don't stop chasing after me. An urge in my body keeps me from falling and I somehow run faster than ever before.

I crash into a forest I've never noticed before behind the school. But the furies don't stop. I'm running out of breath, but I still keep running. I honestly don't know what's going on here, but I just know that if I make one slip, it's the end for me.

One fury gets in my way in front of me and it slashes my left arm, making a thin line of blood trail down. I scream in shock and in pain, but I manage to push the fury out of the way with my good arm and continue running.

I trip on a few branches, and I get a lot more cuts, but I manage to not get.. shredded to pieces.

I probably ran a long way, because when I take the risk of looking back, I can't see where I came in.

I reach a hill with a sign that says 'Camp Half-Blood'. I'm confused about what a "camp" would be doing in the middle of nowhere, but then I look back and the furies begin to back away. In a couple of seconds, the furies are gone in a flash.

I don't know what just happened, but I'm guessing that this "camp" is a place where they can't enter and is dangerous to them. And if it's safe, and I'm in.

I run into the camp and see a bunch of kids stop what they're doing and stare at me. They begin to surround me, but I don't stop running. I trip on a branch and I fall into a lake. I feel nimble hands around me underwater as I black out.

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