R.I.P Sandy Hook victims


Chapter 1

A better place

Adam Lanza shot 20 kids, 7 adults, his mother and himself. They say he was a quit kid who would be alarmed if anyone would speak to him. The think the reason for his shooting is the way the school treated his mom or the way bullys treated him. Either way He took it out on the kids who just had about 90 words in their vocabulary. I wish the best for those parents who have to live and think about the bullet that ended their little girl/boys, life. Adam Lanza's mom was divorced and scared so she wanted a man around the house. She had alot of guns and took Adam Lanza who had a mental disorder to a gun range sometimes. Adam Lanza's aunt spoke to reporters from her home in Crystal Lake, Illinois describing Lanza who had been home-schooled as a "very, very bright boy." May those 20 kids R.I.P. May the 6 teachers R.I.P. My Adam stay awake in hell while he fells the pain of 10 million fires burning his skin piece by piece.

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