Worst friday ever

Chapter 1

Debate is terrible(12-13-12)

by: _Terbear_
I went to a debate tournmet for extempt. After it was all over we had to wait. Close to like 10:00 we all was,me,patty,and mia walking outside. When we looked through a window and walked away we got stopped by an grown fat man. I was sorta scared when he followed us. He kept asking what school were we from. We finally anwsered "Stratford highschool in houston." THEN he asked what were we looking at. We said it was a debate and he said that was a lie and there were no debates going on. I said "Dude were in debate class" He told us all to come cause he knew our teacher. He walked up the first flight of stairs then said we have to take the elevator. Mia was terribly afriad of elevator and she rufused to go on there. She was crying saying she can't go on that thing. A boy saw and asked what was going on. He was like "these girls go to my school and I care about them." But he had to go in the classroom or else he would be disquilified. He forced her on the elevator and she was freaking out crying.when we got to the thrid floor she ran out shaking scared. Me and patty was yelling at the so called teacher. He wasn't even a teacher at that school or any school in fact. Mrs.Gommer got on him for doing that to mia. He just walked away and went back in his car. When my guy friends found out they were pissed off. Kievin,Cameron,and Charles went after him. We stopped them at first but they snuck off and met the techer at his car and started going as kieven said "Thuglife" On his car. Then We didn't leave until 12:00 am. My mom was mad. Everyone thought I was missing. Mailk went out looking for me even when he had a injured ankle on his bike. He's my friend btw. He was scared. When he found out I was alright he went home. I yelled at him for doing that the next day. It was sweet but it scared me that he was looking for me at night on a bike,with a bad foot. Anyways everythings fine now.


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