The Guardian of? (Jack Frost Love Story)

The Guardian of? (Jack Frost Love Story)

A new Guardian is introduced to us but what is her purpose? What is her center? And most of all what is her connection to Jack Frost who seems to have strange feelings towards her.

Chapter 1

chapter 1

by: gaaragrrl
My name is Trixie Treat
I have memories that are stuck. I know they're there yet I can't make them out. It's something important. I feel I had a family and friends and someone I cared for but who?
Where am I...Who am I?
Right...I'm Trixie Treat. The Moon told me. Why does this story feel so familiar.
I'm alone...In the dark.
Suddenly there is light. A small flame...In a jack-o-lantern? It...calls to me. I must go to it.
I'm standing now. I feel the cold ground through my stockings. I walk toward the light.
Reaching it I notice it's uncarved. And the light. It is gone.
Reaching out, my fingers lightly graze it. Nothing. And then another light.
I look over to see a ruby red stone in a gorgeous necklace. I touch the stone and it reacts. The glow intensifies.
Wrapping my clammy hands around it I quickly and quite naturally place the necklace around my neck.
It glows brighter more and warmth spread through me. A million ideas fly through my head.
One being to touch the lantern again. And so I do. And it reacted too.
Something being drawn on it. A face. A soon enough before my eyes was not a pumpkin but a jack-o-lantern that shone bright with the little flame.
I chuckle at first and than my laughing becomes more harty until I can't stop. I spin around with my arm outstretched.
And then my feat are of the ground. I'm flying? And there is a flapping sound. And that's when I notice purple wings sprouting from my back.
Actual wings!
???: Trix!!!!
I whip my head around toward the voice. It's...a boy? With hair as white as snow and skin as pale as porcelain. His eyes shone such crystal clear blue. But they held sadness. He stared at me with a horrified look on his face.
???: Oh Trix wh-what happened?
Hearing his heart broken tone of voice I lowered myself down to the ground and he did the same. He takes a few steps toward me with his hand reaching for me.
Me: U-um. Who are you.
The boy froze. His hand fell limp to his side and all the life left his face. After starring at me for a few moments he regained his composer.
???: I'm Jack. Jack Frost.
And that was all he said before he stuck his hands in the pocket of his hoodie and flew away with the wind.

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