My Call Of Duty ELITE Clan

This is just a story on my ELITE Clan

Chapter 1

WHat it is.

My Clan Is very good. The 2 clan leaders are Me and my friend Zach. Our clan is a Quick Scoping/ Trick Shotting CLan, Our clan is Level 18 and We are making a Youtube Channel For it. But we are now recruiting. If you want to join message me on xbox (Veterans NinjaX or zach at monkeyduck2) and we will test you if you are good enough. If you are good, we will ask you a couple questions to see how old you are (We don't want 40 year old men in our clan that's why), we will ask you your favorite gun, we will ask you what you usually play on MW3, (Game Modes) and we will ask you what your KDR is. If you pass that, you are in the clan. I hope you will pass the test, and hope to see you on the Battle Ground.


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