I have a feeling most of you on my friends list would read this.
This has nothing do to with anyone on my friends list or people I talk (outside) of the list.
This is to those who wants me to be on their friends list.....and I reject them.
So......continue reading or go do something....

Chapter 1

claps ALRIGHT!!!

I've been noticing the same people constantly...well not constantly, more like time to time...been sending me friend requests. I would understand if you had sent me one, then you go like, "I'm not sure if I friend this person." That's fine. Usually, that should only happen at least once after I reject the friend request.

But sending your friend request to me about four times, isn't going to make me friend you. I remember most of you guys sending me the same request after I just deleted or rejected your request. That is annoying me! Do not force me into being your friend.

Reasons why I hate that:

1. I don't care if you want to reach certain amount of friends. If you're not going to have the urge to even say hello to me, then I'm not going to friend you. Also, Quibblo is not a contest to see how many friends you get. It doesn't work in real life and certainly wouldn't work here!

2. People's stupid obsessions! I don't care who you guys love, keep it to your freaking self! I do not want to read about how you listen to this one band or you just cried because this one obsession of yours happened. That's bullcrap. I don't have to read it. Obviously I can delete them, but more comes back. So why not delete you all together?

3. (This relates to number 2.) I hate it when you guys post shit that just happens every five freaking seconds. Example:

I hit my foot. It hurts.
5 seconds later.
My foot is all better.
5 seconds later.
I'm in so much pain. It hurts! I'm crying like no joke.
5 seconds later.
Okay...I'm going to the hospital.
5 seconds later.
I need to call the hospital. Or get someone to drive me there.
5 seconds later.
I need to find that I need to wear.

You see what I'm saying! That is annoying! I don't care what happens! If something happens, it happens. What's even worse is how you separate the same event into different stories! "Story one: I hit my foot", "Story two: My foot is all better", and so on and so forth! I will not care about your tiniest reasons to get attention. If I see something like this, I'm rejecting. It means nothing if you are going to post something like that. IF it relates to abuse, bullies, suicide, depression, or cutting, then I would read. Just to help you...most of you...because sometimes it just seem like you don't want help, you want attention. Rants are okay, I don't mind those. No one rants every 5 seconds.

4. (This is personal me.) I know I'm not going to talk to you guys. It's nothing to do with you, it's just me. I don't accept friend requests unless I want to make an urge to talk to you. Apparently, I can't talk to everyone on here, so I'm limited. Besides, I don't want to have over 300 friends, and only talk to about 20 people.

Well, those are my reasons. If you're on my friends list and you know you do whatever it is out of these reasons, don't worry. It means you don't always do this/I'm just use to it.

~For those who only friend me ONCE, my reasons to you are number 4. I don't have time to talk to you.

~For those who only friend me TWICE OR MORE, my reasons are because of number 4, again.

~For those who used to be my friend and tries to be my friend again, my reasons are ALL OF THEM!!!! MAINLY 1, 2, AND 3!

1. You're new to Quibblo.
2. A friend suggested you to me.
3. You would like to get to know me. (Just email me and I'll decide from there. I may not accept, but I would enjoy talking to you.)

These are the only exceptions. Nothing more.

I feel like I'm forgetting something....but whatever. My point has been proven.



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