Silent Cries, Twisted Lies

Mystery Unknown has a pretty strange life. First her dad was killed in a car crash. Second her mom abuses her. Third her best friend Cindy won't talk to her. Lastly she keeps seeing strange things like people in all white apper out of no where and then leave. What is going on? Is she going crazy? Is her real name Mystery? Or is there a big reason behind this whole mess?

Chapter 1


~10 years before~
" M&M please come in here i have bad news!" Linda unknown called. Linda was Mysterys mom. The little 5 year old came running down the stairs. Her light blonde hair flowed behind her as her bright blue eyes shined in the light. " Yes momma?" the little 5 year old called. " Your father has.... passed away.... he was hit by a car." 5 year old mystery not surwhat it meant to "pass away" just blinked at her mother. " It means your father is dead" with that the small fragil 5 year old girl began to cry.


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